Gurman Says Apple Watch Series 7 Doesn’t Add Blood Pressure Sensor

Apple Watch Series 7 Render

Rumors, leaks from analysts and providers along with other news from the network indicated a few days ago that the new Apple Watch Series 7 model would add a blood pressure sensor or that at least Apple was working hard on its implementation. In this sense, all the rumors must be taken into account and it is that in Cupertino they work so that this watch has the maximum possible functions related to health.

Finally, the question about the possibility of adding this sensor to the Apple Watch that days before had been published in the Asia Nikkei media, was answered directly, clearly and concisely by Mark Gurman on the social network Twitter. The new Apple Watch Series 7 model will not add this sensor, “not to mention.”

The message was made public last Sunday and right now it seems that this statement by Gurman is almost confirmed since most of the media trust his words and they predict the design of the watch itself as the biggest change in this model. In this sense, it seems difficult to add this type of sensor to the watch, just as it seems very complicated today to add a non-invasive sensor for measuring blood sugar, something we have been talking about for a long time and not yet. seems to be ready for this Apple watch.

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