Gurman says Apple worked on a battery-powered HomePod

home pod mini

It is more than evident that Apple works with its engineers on a good handful of products that finally end up coming to light. In this case the well-known filter Mark Gurmann, commented in his latest newsletter that Apple had been working on a HomePod mini with an external battery.

The arrival on the market of MagSafe charging for iPhones surely has something to do with all this, and that is that a smart speaker like the HomePod, with a rechargeable battery and a charging base that offers MagSafe, would undoubtedly be a good product for many. users. Obviously the speakers with external battery exist in great quantity in the market current, but we already know what happens when Apple develops its products.

Mark Gurman ends up hoping to see this speaker

Just as Gurman indicates that Apple was working with prototypes of this smart speaker with an external battery, it indicates that we will finally never see this speaker on the market. It is clear that it could have an outlet in the current market but with limitations. We talk about limitations especially in the intelligent part of the speaker, which requires Wi-Fi connectivity for most functions.

Apple always works on many prototypes and projects that in the end do not end up coming to light and possibly these smart speakers with an external battery passed through the tables of the Cupertino headquarters and do not end up seeing the light at least in the immediate future. It is evident that at some point they may decide to launch a product of this style, but Right now it seems that it is not feasible.

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