H2B Business Group boosts its positioning as a digital consultancy thanks to TicketBAI and a3factura

The implementation of the billing control system TicketBAI it will affect all companies, SMEs and freelancers with tax headquarters in the Basque Country, who will have to issue sales invoices or tickets with management software that guarantees the non-vulnerability of the data and its veracity. The professional offices and audits They are playing a very important role in ensuring adaptation to these new regulations.

H2B Business Group is a recently created consultancy, founded in early 2021 in Ermua (Bizkaia), which is being especially involved in helping its clients to adapt to TicketBAI, but also in taking a step further and taking full advantage of this new system to digitize the business fabric.

Vanesa Hortas, one of the three founding partners of H2B Business Group, considers that “professional consultancies and firms must play a fundamental role in adapting to TicketBAI, be a companion to our clients in this process, but also be tractors and set a trend in digital solutions. We have to combine all the information we have and collaborate with each other to offer a service that allows our clients to delve into this digitization process ”. “It is very important not to stay in compliance with the regulations, but to go further and offer added value to our clients that we believe will strengthen us as consultancy and office in the future.”.

The implementation of TicketBAI has been a boost for H2B Business Group and its positioning as “Digital advice” in its closest environment, and also open to new markets thanks to a totally differentiating digital positioning that adds value in the different digitization processes of companies.

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Throughout this year the consultancy has contacted different business associations, especially merchants and small businesses in the area, to offer informative talks on the new features of the system that allow them to know first-hand the problems faced by small businesses. business and provide solutions on billing systems, software, equipment, etc., in collaboration with your provider Ukabi, Wolters Kluwer Gold Partner, a company dedicated to the development of management software for professional offices and companies.

Wolters Kluwer a3 invoice solution

The response to these talks has been very positive. “Our clients are welcoming our approach to adapt to TicketBAI through the Wolters Kluwer’s online a3 invoice solution. It is a solution that allows us to comply with the regulations of the new system, but also to offer our customers added value by being continuously connected in the cloud and being able to control the management of all their billing automatically ”.

Apart from this closer and continuous contact with customers, a3 invoice allows them to have their accounting information at all times and offer them other valuable services such as accompaniment in this digitization process and in the management of their businesses, anticipating and advising them in decision-making, as well as in the generation of opportunities in other areas such as digital marketing and attracting new customers.

The postponement, both in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, of the mandatory nature of the TicketBAI implementation until 2024 and mid-2002, respectively, has somewhat slowed down the process of implementing the new system, but from H2B Business Group they will continue to explain to their clients, and to SMEs and freelancers in general through talks, the benefits of anticipating regulatory compliance before the indicated dates. Hortas believes that “The TicketBAI system is an opportunity for small businesses to go digital, we don’t want our customers to wait. It is an opportunity of digitization for all the companies in our environment that opens them to markets that until now they did not have ”, concludes.

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