Hacker steals $ 400,000 by cloning the voice of a CEO

The artificial intelligence It is one of the most used tools today, with applications ranging from daily life and entertainment, such as identifying songs or subtitling videos, to more complex ones in industry and medicine. However, technology is not always used for good, such is the case of a recent millionaire fraud.

In recent days, a bank robbery was revealed in which the tool used was a computer program. The software, equipped with artificial intelligence, was able to accurately imitate the voice of a top CEO in numerous phone calls to a financial institution.

The cybercriminals, they had previously seized access, data and business accounts of the manager, so in a coordinated way, with the calls, they were able to convince a bank to authorize an operation of $ 400,000, through two transfers.

How it happened?

The first thing that was done is to access the email, stealing the credentials and access tokens, followed by this, they make use of the artificial intelligence In order to clone the voice, with this, the bank staff believed that the call and emails were real and authorize the operations.

The attack combined one of the most common practices of a cyber attacker, social engineering, which roughly consists of knowing user details that are usually visible, either on social networks, through friends, family, co-workers or close to the victim.

It is important to mention that this type of technology has also helped people, for example Val kilmer who lost their voice due to cancer, has now recovered it thanks to artificial intelligence, its applications are wide and in spite of everything, they remain in constant development.

The future is today

As mentioned by the cybersecurity specialist Chema Alonso, the techniques of cloning in real time of voice with artificial intelligence, are already very advanced, and receiving a phone call from a person who has his voice recorded in many Internet videos, talks, conferences, etc., is no longer a way for a human being of secure identification, because the AI ​​can pass that “Turing Test” and we have to work on the new Voight-Kampff Tests.

So, if you have capital movement processes in your company that you validate with verification phone calls, you will probably have to improve and strengthen them, because it may be a source of problems in the future with the advancement of these deception techniques, that AI is capable of recreating the voice of people who have even lost it, as happened with the actor Val Kilmer.

Source | The side of evil

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