Hacker Who Stole $ 600 Million In Crypto Will Receive Reward For His Work

The hacker who stole more than $ 600 million in cryptocurrency from Poly Network users ultimately chose to refund all of the money. Poly Network has announced its intention to reward him.

The story of Poly Network’s spectacular hack is not over yet. After stealing more than $ 600 million in cryptocurrency from users of the Poly Network service in what was considered the largest crypto theft in history, the hacker announced hours later that he would return all of money.

And, even more astonishing decision, the hacked network, Poly Network, decided to offer 500,000 dollars to the hacker, to thank him for pointing out the flaws in the system to the Poly Network teams.

A gift of half a million dollars

We thank you for sharing your experience, and we think that your actions make you a white hat (an ethical hacker, editor’s note), Poly Network wrote in a message sent to the Ethereum blockchain. We therefore intend to offer you a $ 500,000 bug bounty once all the money has been refunded. We also assure you that you will not be held responsible for the accident. We hope you will return the missing money to us quickly. You can keep the $ 500,000 we give you in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and we’ll refund the difference. Your contribution has been very useful to us […]. We are also committed not to hold you responsible for this accident, and to express our gratitude to you publicly. “.

Poly Network’s message to the hacker // Source: Screenshot
Poly Network’s message to the hacker // Source: Screenshot

The offer is very generous, but for now, it is not yet sure that the hacker – Mr. White Hat as the Poly Network teams call him – will accept it. The hacker indeed specified in a message sent on the Ethereum blockchain that he had seen their offer, but that he had not responded to them. ” I will send it all back “, He even first announced.

But, a few hours later, the hacker sent a message again, much longer this time. ” I’m so sorry that my crazy adventure impacted innocent people, he explains. I tried not to make too many waves in the crypto world, not to touch the shitcoins (Editor’s note: cryptocurrencies that have little value), not to keep the money for me and not to dump. But even the Avengers are targeted by complaints from civilians. I am seriously considering accepting the Poly Network reward and starting a victim compensation fund, even if it is hard to find that you have lost your money because of me and not because of risky bets. […] “.

This is the last message sent by the hacker, a little less than 24 hours ago. Since then, the address where he said he opened the fund for victims has not received many transactions: it shows a balance of 1.4 ETH, just over $ 4,700. For the moment, there is nothing to confirm the existence of this aid fund.

For now, all of the stolen funds have been returned to Poly Network, aside from $ 33 million in Tether (USDT), which was frozen. But users aren’t out of the woods yet: Poly Network must now individually reimburse each user whose money has been stolen – a task that promises to be long and arduous.

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