Hackers hijack charging stations in Moscow to insult Putin

The cyberwar continues against Russia. While the Anonymous collective intends to continue its attacks against the country’s IT infrastructure, some hackers have decided to target charging stations located not far from Moscow. In addition to preventing Muscovites from recharging their electric vehicle, the hackers took the opportunity to insult Putin.

russian charging stations hack
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The conflict in Ukraine is ongoing and as we write these lines, the capital Kiev is about to undergo a massive offensive. It is in any case that assure the authorities, after the publication of several satellite images showing a column of Russian armored vehicles located tens of kilometers from the city.

For now, it’s the calm before the storm and in cyberspace, the war continues. Ukraine and its army of hackers are continuing their efforts to disrupt Russian IT infrastructure. In addition, the country can count on the help of the Anonymous collective. The famous hacker group has assured that it is entering into a cyber war against Russia. After this declaration, numerous cyberattacks were carried out against the Russian media and institutional sites, causing their total paralysis.

Hackers target Russian charging stations and insult Putin in the process

This time and as reported by our colleagues from the Electrek site, Ukrainian hackers have decided to tackling electric car charging stations in Russia. Specifically, the hackers targeted charging stations of the Россети group, a Russian electricity company, located in the Moscow suburbs.

In addition to completely disabling the terminals, hackers took the opportunity to display pro-Ukraine messages on the device control screens. In particular, it read “Putin Xujilo”, a Ukrainian saying that could be translated as “Putin is a dick head”. The message “Glory to Ukraine” also occupied the slabs of the terminals.

As a reminder, many companies continue to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people. This is particularly the case of Tesla, which announced the free use of its Supercharger stations at the country’s borders. Also, Elon Musk kept his promise and sent trucks full of Starlink kits to the country. With these devices, civilians and soldiers alike will be able to take advantage of an internet connection in all circumstancesdespite repeated Russian network shutdowns and cyberattacks.

Source: Electrek

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