Hackers leak DLSS source code: Farewell to NVIDIA advantage

The news about the hacking of NVIDIA does not stop happening and it seems that the company is not willing to give in to the blackmail of the virtual robbers, but they do not seem willing to give in their claims either. The information war has a first victim: DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, a technology that has been a stronghold of those of Huang and that is now revealed through the leak of the source code of said DLSS. goodbye to the NVIDIA advantage?

Billions spent, Saturn V involved, hundreds of thousands of hours of engineering and development for a closed source standard that half the industry has implemented so that in a few seconds everything vanishes. The hackers threatened and have complied.

DLSS source code leak: will it become open now?

NVIDIA DLSS source code leak

First forceful blow of the hackers against NVIDIA and everything intensifies. With Intel about to launch its graphics cards with its XeSS technology, the now holders of the company’s confidential information have openly published the secrets that a technology like DLSS hides, which debuted with the RTX 20 and has been a central pillar in these last 6 months due to its improvements, while Ray Tracing has taken a backseat.

AMD FSR and Intel XeSS are its direct competitors and are of Open SourceDLSS, on the other hand, was not and was heavily criticized by all, but now it may follow the path of these since the leak reveals some important details.

You can see different files, key headers from the organization itself and some C++ attached to them. The best thing if possible is a PDF that the company calls a Programming Guide that could reveal very interesting data about how this deep learning technology works in games.

The latest version and hardware


What has been revealed makes it clear that it is DLSS 2.2 and not DLSS 2.0 presented with great fanfare, the latest version of this complex software and where the attackers claim that they are studying and examining the code to understand the internal workings and if In any case, they will reveal the “internal tricks” that it implements.

This is not a problem in itself, NVIDIA could now publish the code openly and leave the threat in the lurch. The real problem is the implication and relation of the software with the hardware. The units tensor cores from NVIDIA are unique in their kind and much more advanced than those from AMD (Matrix Cores) that do not implement them in gaming GPUs.

For this reason and given the reverse engineering that can be done from AMD and Intel with this DLSS leak, both could understand much better what makes NVIDIA so fast, including the relationship between DLSS with Ray Tracing and RT Cores.

We are talking about a lost decade of work in such a case and hundreds of millions of dollars in the trash, so this is undoubtedly a real problem that NVIDIA cannot stop and that is going to be not only a blow to its internal security but a coup that can partially change the course of future hardware.

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