Hades video game sets historic record

If Hades has already been voted video game of the year in 2020, this year it obtains a second title which now marks the entire history of video games.

There is no doubt that the RPG Hades has already marked many players on this Earth. Released in 2020 on PC and Nintendo Switch, then this year on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the latest nugget from Supergiant Games has proven to be much more effective than one might have thought. This weekend took place the Hugo Awards, an award ceremony normally reserved for literary writings in the field of science fiction.

This ceremony rewards the best works of science fiction or fantasy published during the past year. However, and for the first time in history, the organizers have decided to give a unique award to the best video game (dealing with science fiction or fantasy subjects of course). Among the nominated, the excellent The Last of Us Part II, Animal Crossing New Horizons or… Hades. You will understand, it is the latter who won the medal, the ultimate consecration that will have finished making history.

A historic game at all levels

What pleased the jury is probably the damn effective gameplay of Hades, or even its engaging and original narration. If you’ve never played it before (what are you waiting for?) It’s a roguelike RPG where you play as the son of Persephone and Hades, who tries to run away from his father to save his mother. An epic that requires guts, courage and time because the very difficulty of the title is what makes it famous today.

On Twitter, Greg Kasavin, screenwriter and designer for Supergiant Games, sent a message of thanks to fans of the game as well as to the organizers of the ceremony on behalf of the entire studio. Obviously, being the first video game to win an award at the Hugo Awards since 1953 is an honor that will mark the history of the industry, but especially of the studio.

Soon a video games category at the Hugo Awards?

For the moment, the organizers do not plan to transform the category of video games into a permanent category, this award was the subject of a unique honor. However, while the Hugo Awards could turn to digital works, such as podcasts, we could expect to see a video game category flourish in the next few years.

In the meantime, the Game Awards remain the benchmark award ceremony for the field of video games, and in 2020, Hades had already won the titles of best action game and best indie game there. If you missed the 2021 edition, head here for a full rundown of the winners and the announcements made during the evening.

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