Half-Life Alyx can now be played without VR glasses, but don’t get too excited because it’s not the same

Half-Life Alyx noVR

Valve surprised all of us fans of the Half-Life saga with the release of Alyx. It was the first public announcement of the franchise since the company sadly abandoned us with Episode 2, but it did so with a peculiarity that was also a handicap: you could only play with virtual reality glasses. Did you run out of playing it? Well now you will be able to do it without problems.

Half-Life Alyx without a virtual reality headset

Half Life Alyx VR glasses

Although the idea and execution were incredible, in the end many users were left unable to play the game because they did not have a virtual reality headset. The technology works better and better and offers great results, but the price of the devices and the lack of credibility among the public continue not to accompany the establishment of the technology.

But at Valve they were clear about it, and whoever wanted to follow their vision was going to have to go through the hoop of virtual reality. Many did, but others did not, and it is up to them to want Half-Life Alyx NoVR left a ray of hope.

This company has been working for a long time on a mod that allowed you to play fragments of the game without the need for glasses, however, they encountered several scenes and actions that necessarily required the intervention of the wireless controllers that simulate the hands in the game.

100% complete campaign

Half-Life Alyx noVR

But with a lot of work and effort, they have managed to completely unlink the implications of virtual reality to make the fully playable game with keyboard and mouse. In the early days of the mod there were quite broken scenes with ridiculous bugs caused by VR quirks, but now the team can proudly say that you can start the campaign from the beginning and complete it 100% without the need for a VR headset. virtual.

Thus, for the first time, the possibility of offering the game in its entirety on computers without virtual reality headsets is achieved. However, as you can understand, won’t offer the same experience.

This does not mean that the work of the creators of the mod is not good, on the contrary, they have done a spectacular job to achieve something that was considered impossible (obviously Valve is not going to offer that option). However, the game itself has been designed from the ground up with the VR experience in mindand the puzzles and mechanics were designed for that purpose.

For that reason, if you play Half-Life Alyx with a keyboard and mouse, it may seem like a simple, simple and sometimes poorly designed game, so you must not forget what its origin was really.

Fountain: moddb
Via: Eurogamer

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