Halloween: 7 Highly Rated Scary Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

Halloween is approaching and you may not want to dress up to go door to door saying that trick or treat, but you may be attracted to the idea of ​​enjoying some of the Top rated scary movies available on Netflix. So, horror lover, do not miss this selection.

Netflix’s Top-Rated Scary Movies

Now that Halloween is about to arrive, it is likely that you are selecting which movies you are going to see during this night of terror. So, although we recently told you how to access all the scary movies available on Netflix through different secret codes, today we are going to directly give you a selection with the seven titles best valued by users who love the genre.


Ethan Hawke is a journalist who investigates horrific murders that he later turns into books. For your last book He decides to move with his family to a house where another family was murdered, but he cannot imagine what will happen after viewing some old reels of films that he finds in a box in the attic of the house.


There are those who think that Insidious it is one of the best horror movies of all time and he may be right, at least it must have worked very well when more deliveries were made later. Be that as it may, you can assess for yourself if you dare to see it.

On the plot, well, a little the usual. A family moves to a new house and in it their son is left in a coma. From there, some disturbing events begin to happen until something very sinister that inhabits it is shown.

The classic horror story

Imagine traveling through southern Italy, getting lost in the Forest and having to seek refuge in a house that you have no idea who inhabits it or what inhabits it. Well now stop imagining and watch this suspense movie with situations so macabre that they just won’t let you sleep.


This film, based on the story of Stephen King, tells the story of a farmer who, after seeing how his wife asks for a divorce, decides to murder her. The problem is that there are stories that cannot be buried and end up coming to light.

The street of terror

Be part of a trilogy, so if you like the first part, you can link with the following and do a marathon of a movie set in the city of Shadyside. This is one of the bloodiest cities and where from time to time a series of brutal murders have been committed for centuries.

In the tall grass

Two brothers listen to the group of what seems like a boy in distress. This comes from a grass mass and they decide to enter it to help him, the problem is that they do not know that they are going to plunge into a labyrinthine terrain with dark secrets.

Do not breathe

Get into houses Strange was never a great idea and this horror movie is yet another demonstration. After entering the house of a rich man, thinking that they could rob it to rob, they realize that their perfect robbery will be a big mistake.

A scary Halloween with Netflix

These are the seven films that you should see, titles that have received a good evaluation from viewers and specialized critics. Still, as some might think sitting in front of a screen having a hard time chaining down scares, murders, and lots of blood might be a bad idea, here’s a way to make up for it.

Hubie’s Halloween It is one of those movies set on Halloween, but one is full of macabre scenes but on the contrary, a lot of humor. Here Hubie is in love with that night, but is afraid that the young people of the city where he lives will forget. So he is going to take care of making the night of the dead important to everyone again.

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