Halloween deals on PcC day 1: scary prices!

Halloween It is just around the corner and that is why companies begin to make the corresponding offers for said event, where it also serves to heat up the next date, such as Black Friday. Getting ahead in this season where stock is low and units fly is always going to be a good idea, so we offer you the first Halloween offers at PcC on the most interesting components and peripherals.

The best Halloween deals on PcC

We will start strong without a doubt, where on this first day of Halloween offers in PcC we are going to bet on insurance with products contrasted by thousands of users and that now lower their price. Are you ready? Well, let’s go for them.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Could it be the best-selling heatsink ever? Possibly and for that reason it does not find competition. We are talking about a model in black anodized metal color and a brushed aluminum surface on its cover that makes it worthy of the previous model due to its pure aesthetics.

This heatsink integrates a set of thin and stacked fins that when painted with said color improve cooling by absorbing more heat from them without losing its transfer to the air. Integrates four direct touch heat pipes, a fan SF120R RGB and it is compatible with all current platforms in AMD and Intel except, of course, TRX40.

Its price falls from 49.99 euros to 38.99 euros, a discount of 22%.



Another surefire value that has sold countless numbers of units since its departure. We are talking about a PSU of 650 watts with certification 80 PLUS Gold that integrates 100% Japanese capacitors that ensure both a stable supply and a long useful life to the source.

The feature that those who are sensitive to sound value the most is the fact that its fan has a start and stop function, so it will automatically stop when needed and turn on when you play. As if this were not enough and being a power source digital, we can choose between multirail and monorail mode, in addition to controlling all internal parameters such as voltages, consumption, efficiency, amperage and much more.

Finally, it is totally modular and compact, so costing 99.98 euros After a 27% drop in its price, there is not much to think about.

Lenovo G27-20

Lenovo G27c

Do you want a quality monitor without leaving you half a salary? Lenovo has found the key and more after the offer it treasures. And we are talking about a gaming monitor of 27 inches that integrates a resolution FHD or 1080p in its panel, which contrary to what we might think is IPS.

It is therefore surprising that it achieves a shine of 400 CD / m2 and HDR, in addition to some surprising 144 Hz with an MPRT of only 1 ms. But its benefits do not end there, since it is one of the few monitors that has support for FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, which is a huge advantage and an independence of the GPU manufacturer to choose that makes the investment of 199.99 euros on this monitor it’s worth it. Especially if we know that its price has fallen by 24%.

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