Halloween: William Shatner returns to talk about the Michael Myers mask

If you are a fan of the Halloween, or if you have simply seen the first episode of the third season of the docuseries Netflix “The Films of our Childhood”, then you will know that the famous Michael Myers mask it is, in fact, a modified mask of the Captain Kirk from Star Trek, that is to say William Shatner.

As told in the episode of the docuserie (always full of anecdotes mostly unknown to the fans), the choice of the appearance of the villain of the film was made at the last minute, when in a costume shop the production found a mask of a clown and that of Captain Kirk.

Discarded the idea of ​​the clown (no, IT arrived much later on TV), thanks to the powerful means of a pair of scissors, used to widen the slits of the eyes, and a pair of spray cans, one to whiten the mask and the other used to darken his hair, the result was the mask of the psychopath who arrived on the big screen in 1978.

William Shatner returns to talk about the Michael Myers mask, a modified mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek

William Shatner has also recently returned to the issue who, in a recent interview, and in view of the release of Halloween Kills, said:

I thought “It’s a joke? You are making fun of me?“, It was just like the mask they had made. They had cast my face in Star Trek so that I wasn’t always there for rehearsals, with prosthetics to make me look older, meaner, or whatever. Then someone made a mask for the Halloween party.

The rest of the story is… history.

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