Halo Infinite: a mod allows you to play in the 3rd person and it’s magnificent

As the Halo Infinite madness gradually subsides, the modding community is still very, very active. The proof is in this new mod which goes completely against the grain of the game, transforming the FPS into a third person shooter. And, surprise, everything works perfectly, both from a graphics and gameplay point of view.

halo infinite 3rd person
Credits: Opulent Halo

It’s hard to deny that Halo Infinite is a real comeback for the cult saga. The first title in the series to surpass 20 million players, it also comes with a highly anticipated series about the Master Chief. Without revolutionizing the genre, the game masterfully returns to the sources of its success, which was able to impose the FPS on consoles, platforms most often associated with the third person.

However, this does not mean that one cannot mix the pleasures. Reflection which certainly inspired the Opulent Halo mod, which allows nothing more or less to play Halo Infinite in the third person. Tired of first-person shooters that — at best — only show your character’s feet? Then this mod is for you. This is not a recommendation to be taken lightly. In many ways, the mod is a real nugget.

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Developer imagines Halo Infinite in third person

The first legitimate fear to have on this kind of mod is of course the quality of the animations. On this point, there is really nothing to complain about. Master Chief moves very fluidly and the slightest of his movements is perfectly transcribed. Second point: the gameplay. A third person FPS, there is something to frown on. However, it is clear in the demonstration videos the world of Halo Infinite can be visited very well in this mode of view.

If it is not for this viewfinder a bit too imposing, the experience is therefore really to be tested. For now, the mod only works in campaign mode. It is of course only available on PC. Note that to take advantage of it, you will first need to install another mod called Infinite Runtime Tagviewer. Tutorials are already available on YouTube for neophytes.

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