Halo Infinite has two graphics modes – which one is better?

The Master Chief has returned, and now he has a gigantic mission in which to try to put an end to the plans of the pact. The new Halo Infinite It is leaving spectacular moments, but between so much action and a great story, there are hidden adjustments in the configuration panel that will allow you to improve your experience with the game. Did you know that there are two different graphics modes? We explain them to you.

How to choose the graphics mode in Halo Infinite

The new installment of Halo is making the most of the potential of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, but at all times the player will have the opportunity to decide what kind of graphical experience they want to enjoy while playing. Thus, in the game settings, we can select between the mode Performance and the way Quality, depending on the graphic requirement that we are looking for in the game. Do you want to know what differences are between the two? We explain them to you.

To select the option that best suits your needs, you just have to pause the game, go into Settings and select the Video tab. There you will find

Quality Mode

This will be the option that will show the visual potential of Halo in all its glory. For Xbox Series X, the game will run at 60 images per second with a dynamic 4K resolution, and will seek at all times to surprise with the light effects and level of detail of the scenarios. If you are playing from Xbox Series S, the native resolution will stay at the 1080p at 30 images per second, something that, as we will see below, remains a lot in the experience.

Performance mode

For those looking for the best possible performance while gaming, there will be the Performance option. This selection will be in charge of lowering the resolution and offering a higher rate of images per second, reaching the 120 fps on Xbox Series X at downgrade to 1080p. This will allow you to enjoy extreme smoothness when playing, although for this you will need a Smart TV with 120 Hz. In the case of Xbox Series S, the resolution will remain 1080p, and the performance will increase to 60 images per second.

In the latter case, we do not see much sense using the quality mode on the Xbox Series S, since, although it may offer slightly higher textures, the visual appearance in general looks better in the performance mode at 60 images per second.

What mode should I choose?

Halo Infinite modes

When it comes to playing Halo Infinite On the Xbox Series S, our option will always be performance, as it allows us to play at 60 FPS in a fantastic way. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to play on an Xbox Series X, the decision could be very personal, but playing at 120 FPS makes it especially striking, and by the way you would get used to the image rate to play multiplayer in the best way possible. Still, playing in 4K with spectacular image quality and a constant rate of 60 frames per second is highly enjoyable, so you’ll probably switch modes more than once. Luckily, the option can be chosen whenever we want in a matter of seconds.

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