Halo Infinite: How has the franchise changed over the years?

Halo has become one of the most emblematic titles of Microsoft and especially of its gaming division, Xbox, however, over the years it has undergone a series of important changes that we are going to detail below so that you can appreciate how much It has changed from the first time it appeared to its last release.

The first Halo, Released on November 15, 2001, it came to the classic Xbox all as an exclusive title, in its time it was novel due to all the on-screen elements, game modes and a story that would mark the beginning of a saga acclaimed by fans. .

Halo: Combat Evolved

The PC has always sought to have video games, this installment is PC exclusive And it came a year after the launch of the first title, with minimal graphical improvements.

Halo 2 It arrives in 2004 and is the last game of the installment to reach this console, with improved graphics and mechanics, it continues with the story previously raised in the first video game.

Halo 3

Three years were enough to be able to have another installment of this popular video game, although in 2005 the Xbox 360 made its appearance, it was not until the year 2007 when this title appeared, with official support for wireless controls, improved graphics and finally with a resolution close to HD since it is 1152 x 640 and with 23 to 30 frames per second. It even had a special console version.

Halo Wars It is a slightly different title since it is based on real-time strategies, it appeared in 2009 and was made by the creators of Age of Empires.

Halo reach, with new mechanics and graphical improvements comes this title that tells the whole story of the planet Reach that has been invaded by the covenant

The fourth installment of Halo arrives in 2012 and apart from incorporating a new development team, despite being direct people from Microsoft, it is still a new work group, which means that there are many improvements in sections that perhaps are not paid as much attention as lighting, game physics and even game dynamics

After these deliveries, the vast majority were remasters to take advantage of the graphical power of the Xbox One, however in 2015 it arrives Halo 5 Guardians same that manages to maintain 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, which is a great advance for the development of video games.

Halo Wars 2 It comes with new improvements, now there are many elements on the screen, more dynamic menus and it is capable of loading many characters on the screen, while in the first installment a map was seen a bit rough, here are more details elements and shapes, the graphic evolution is notable between the two deliveries.

Finally arrives Halo Infinite, Although the preview unleashed a wave of memes due to reduced graphics quality, it now arrives polished and ready to debut on Microsoft consoles, with stunning water reflections, huge skies and maps that don’t look like have an end due to depth of field, it debuts on December 8 this year.


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