Halo Infinite kicks off its multiplayer beta and reconfirms its PC requirements

The end of the special broadcast of the 20th Anniversary of Xbox yesterday left us with great news for fans of this exclusive Microsoft saga, with the “surprise” announcement of Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer beta, which will not only allow us to enjoy one of the most popular modes of the franchise a few days before its launch, but also gives us some first impressions of the game, as well as the complete picture of its official requirements.

Starting with the game itself, Microsoft decided to present us a small video together with the entire 343 Industries team, announcing the immediate availability of this multiplayer mode for complete players, downloadable from Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC (on the Microsoft Store and Steam).

In fact, the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite is not only available now, but its season 1 has started together with this first beta. The first season is called Heroes of Reach And, as the name suggests, the battle pass will be themed with the characters we met in Halo: Reach, with premium battle passes that will allow us to unlock all the armor kits that belong to the unfortunate Noble Team.

Also, this beta will be available until the full release of Halo Infinite, next December 8, date after which it is expected to leave this beta phase.

On the other hand, 343 Industries have also used this occasion to finally publish the minimum and recommended requirements for all your graphics configurations, showing us some small changes with respect to what was previously filtered, and shedding some more light on what is necessary to play it in its maximum splendor.

Thus, the main change comes with the minimum specifications, slightly elevated until the use of Ryzen 5 1600 or Core i5-4400 processors, maintaining the RX 570 or GTX 1050 Ti graphics and the same RAM memory. Changes that we do not see in your recommended requirements, which remain identical to those already expected.

However, to these two configurations specifications are now added for the intermediate and ultra graphic configurations, which will reach the use of the latest Ryzen 6 5900X and Core i9-11900K, and the RX 6800 XT and RTX 3080 graphics, to which is added the previously confirmed compatibility with ultra-wide monitors.

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