Halo Infinite kicks off its multiplayer beta this weekend

Try the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta

Halo Infinite 2021

Microsoft plans to launch the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode at the end of the year and that is why it has been carrying out various tests for some time to verify that everything works as it should. Now they are responsible for the development of it who return to the load and announce a new beta test that will have a limited duration, but will serve to polish more details for the final launch.

Thus, 343 Industries announced that the next July 29, this multiplayer beta will begin of Halo Infinite that will last until next August 1. A few days, it is true, but it is the time necessary for those who can access it to get an idea of ​​what it will offer and its developers will serve to see what is wrong or they need to improve. Although that improvement work is something that never really stops in any game of this caliber.

In this beta you will be able to fight with characters controlled by AI (bots) and the objective is to see how they behave in the arena. An arena that will include a killer mode and three maps as well as different types of challenges that will add more excitement to the game.

In addition to the arena itself, it seems that players who access the beta will also be able to have an area with different types of weapons so that they can practice and see what each of them is capable of. Something that frankly is very good to know its peculiarities and what they could or could not bring you according to your own style of play, map, etc.

All this will also be accompanied by different tests related to the game’s own interface. That is, those screens that serve to access sections such as the battle pass, unlock new weapons, etc. So that when the final version is released again, everything is as polished as possible and does not represent any kind of handicap for users.

Finally, there will also be a new Halo Waypoint web and mobile application that will serve to customize the character as well as view information related to its progress.

How to test the Halo Infinite beta

If you’re interested in testing future Halo Infinite betas, all you have to do is create a Halo Insider account. To do this, you just have to go to the Halowaypoint website and you will find everything you need to qualify for the test through the console or PC.

In case you are lucky and they accept you, this weekend you can try one of the most anticipated proposals by all Halo fans. So now you know, if you are also Spartan, try not to miss this beta that promises a lot. While you can prepare to watch the streaming that will take place today at 22:00 Spanish time.

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