Halo Infinite was coming with a new Xbox, and that’s just what it will do

December 8, the return of the Master Chief

Halo Infinite 2021

As rumors had advanced a few hours earlier, Halo Infinite will hit stores and Xbox Game Pass next December 8. It will do so with the single and multiplayer campaign, having to wait for the second season (something that will arrive 6 months later) to get the cooperative campaign mode and the long-awaited Forge Mode multiplayer map editing mode.

The multiplayer mode trailer has introduced Commander Agryna, who with a cinematic trailer has shown the story behind the character, showing that it was the spartans who saved her life, and now she does her work as one of those in charge of the new academy that will give life to the spartans of the future.

A new console for 20 years of Halo

Xbox Series X Anniversary Halo

Considering that November 15 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first Halo, Microsoft wanted to honor the saga with the launch of a new limited edition console inspired by the Master Chief, including dark metallic finishes with gold iridium finishes.

This console has custom sounds and the upper area is blue instead of green, reminiscent of Cortana. The controller will also include similar motifs, although there will be an even more spectacular standalone version. The limited edition will also include a digital copy of Halo Infinite that can be downloaded as soon as it is available (remember that the game will arrive almost a month after the launch of this console). Yes, they have not arrived in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary either.

This new console can be reserved from today, and has a price of 549.99 euros on the official Xbox page, a price that exceeds 499 euros for the classic edition, and which is due to the incorporation of Halo Infinite in digital format .

A new command in honor of Halo

Halo 20 Controller

Lastly, a new controller Elite Wireless Series 2 has been presented, this model being a Halo Infinite special edition. The design is spectacular, with colors inspired by the Master Chief’s armor. The controller features the new Series X buttons, as well as a strikingly worn iridium-gold-finish digital pad.

This new command will be available on November 15 with a price of 199.99 euros, and can be reserved from now through the Microsoft store. So now you know, if you are a true Spartan, you cannot miss this spectacular version of the command. Seriously, we are completely in love. Can you be in love with a controller? We believe there are many reasons to be.

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