Halo: The live action series will not be canonical

If after the first spectacular trailer of the Halo live action series, and awaiting the show’s debut on Paramount + next year, you are wondering if the sci-fi series will be considered canon … the answer is no.

This was confirmed in an interview Kiki Wolfkill from 343 Industries, the studio working on the development of the franchise and executive producer of the show, who explained that the series will take place in an alternate timeline. Curiously, the new timeline also has a name: “Halo Silver”.

Comes the confirmation: the Halo live action series will not be canonical

“We have a different context and perspective from some of those stories we have experienced or read in games. We refer to this as the Halo Silver chronology, as a way to differentiate it from the main canon, both to protect the main canon, and to protect the television history “Wolfkill said.

“And by that I mean being able to give both the ability to evolve, and for both of them to be what they need for their mediums without clashing with each other.”

Wolfkill (but how epic is the name?) Went on to explain that not being canonical, the series will have the opportunity to reach a new audience that would be difficult to conquer having to link the story to that of the Halo canon, already vast and widely explored by the longtime fans.

343 Industries, which works closely with Showtime and Amblin Television, however, is looking to make a product that will satisfy fans old and new, and judging by the first trailers, it’s all very promising.

To find out if the Halo live action series will keep its promises, however, we will have to delve into 2022, when the show, still without a precise release date, will debut on the Paramount + video streaming platform.

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