Harley Quinn in a wedding dress? What she could have been and was not

What was going to be a war between Marvel and DC, in which we superhero fans were supposed to win, turned into an embarrassing thrashing by Marvel.

DC and Warner have not had a good hand with the transfer to the big screen of their legendary superheroes, wasting stories impossible to faillike Batman and Superman together, or the reunion of The Justice League.

Stranded between mediocrity and the shame of others in some cases, their movies They haven’t been much and fans blame studios for interfering too much in the visions of directors, such as Zack Snyder or David Ayer.

The latter signed the first film of suicide squad and his fans (I don’t know who they may be, really), long for there to be a yesterday’s cutjust as there has been a Snyder’s cutwhich, by the way, only marginally improved the original tape.

The photo of Harley Quinn dressed as a bride

Harley Quinn in wedding dress

In that montage to which they are clinging, it is likely that we would have seen a scene corresponding to a photo developed now, with Margot Robbie (the actress who plays Harley Quinn) in a wedding dress.

Said photo, apparently taken with a potato and shared on Instagram by Owen Thornton (supervisor of the props military of the film), it comes with few details about it, except the location in which it was taken.

The accompanying text reads as follows:

“Harley Quinn, played by the one and only Margot Robbie. Harley wore her wedding dress during the LA shoots and it was fun dusting her off in the traditional colors of red and blue. […] Of course suicide squad keeps many secrets hidden within Ayer’s cut… This being one of them».

suicide squad

The truth is that, 6 years later, those secrets and that cut will remain unknown. That includes why Harley Quinn is wearing that dress. Nothing about a wedding appears in the script, not even as a background detail or something that is named, so the reason for her dressing up like this is unknown, since Thornton has not given more details either.

The tape, despite how battered it was, It had a pretty good run at the box office.but it is very bad and was plagued with problems during filming.

Way down the dark line of sight snyderverse, Warner executives reached out again to change the tone. After the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, they wanted to give it the same lighter and more festive atmosphere to that group of marginalized antiheroes. But, as always, everything was left in the middle.

At least they were able to hire the original visionary from guardiansJames Gunn, to make a second part infinitely superior to that first boredom.

Well, nothing, another chapter in the crumbs of what could have been and it was not with the first DC movies. That we already saw what could have been with him snyder cut and, the truth, everything stays more or less the same.

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