Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe on how he once made a fan swoon

Daniel Radcliffe told a hilarious anecdote during his last hosted in The Johnathan Ross Show, explaining how once, unwittingly, made a fan swoon.

Things that happen when you put your face on one of the most famous characters of the last 20 years!

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe on how he once made a fan swoon

The bizarre event took place during a promotional tour in Japan, as the British actor recounted during the late show.

“I was visiting a Japanese school for advertising reasons – revealed Radcliffe – and, as I walked behind a young girl, I rubbed her arm. “Sorry I’m sorry!” I said to her. And she passed out, boom! “

Evidently touching her and talking to her was too much for this young Harry Potter fan, who had a slight faint. Radcliffe revealed how this situation, once he understood the scope, was very strange to him but still pleasant. “Because this doesn’t last forever …” he declared, perhaps with a little melancholy, the just over thirty-year-old London actor.

It is not the first interesting anecdote revealed by the former wizard about his fame due to having been the protagonist of the transpositions of the saga of JK Rowling. For example, in the past he has also told of how young parents went to greet him with their children, and how the latter, after the parent said that the person in front of the children was Harry Potter, replied “no, not. And!”.

In short, the years also pass for Daniel Radcliffe, there is no escape. But it’s still nice to bask in memories like these or find old friends as will happen soon with Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first film. And maybe they’ll laugh at when, in Harry Potter’s time, they made fans swoon!

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