Harry Potter: What does Ginny Weasley do today? Bonnie Wright explains it to us

The actress Bonnie Wright, which he interpreted Ginny Weasley throughout the film saga of Harry Potter, revealed what he thinks his character is doing right now, 10 years after the series ended.

Although in the films her character has been overshadowed in many cases, the actress often finds herself fantasizing about how she could continue her story over the years, obviously always alongside Harry Potter.

Bonnie Wright and Ginny Weasley’s future

It’s been 10 years since fans said goodbye to beloved characters from the Harry Potter series at the cinema but, between films and novels, the saga has stood the test of time, still remaining one of the most loved and well-known in the world today. Deathly Hallows Part 2 saw an epilogue set 19 years into the future, in which Harry and Ginny are married and have three children. An ending that left a bad taste in the mouth of those who expected the Harry / Hermione couple, but which thus preserved the “family” created by the trio.

Appeared for the recent reopening of the Warner Bros Studios dedicated to Harry Potter, Bonnie Wright talked about what life could be like Ginny Weasley in these years. In addition to still being with Harry, Ginny would spend her days in Quidditch and family, focusing on parenthood.

“We know she’s become a professional Quidditch player… so she’s probably super sporty. It is also likely that he is in the jet-set all over the world, while the children would be at Hogwarts and would have more freedom. I have so much fun making up these stories! I often wonder what their home would be like, where they would live and what could happen next ”.

Hence, according to Wright, the two wizards would be living their dreams, while the children would be concentrated on studying in the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Curiously, he didn’t mention whether Harry continued his career in Quidditch or whether he is now fully in parenting mode.

A doubt is also linked to the pandemic, to find out if it has also managed to hit the magical world. Although the actress is fantasizing about the possible future of her character, according to Tom Felton the chances that the original cast could return in some probable sequel are somewhat remote, although he continues to hope so.

There is nothing left to do then but imagine what the lives of the various characters in the saga could be like several years after its conclusion (even if we know what happened to many Harry Potter characters at the end of the saga).


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