Has a Logitech product broken? Processing your guarantee is very easy

One of the reasons why Logitech has managed to reach our days is because of the quality of its products, which has ensured a trust on the part of users in these. However, nothing is perfect and you may find one of the brand’s peripherals that does not work or does not work properly. Since you have the right to receive not only a functional product, but also that it has to work, that is why we have created this guide.

Previous elements to take into account before processing the guarantee

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One of the things that many people do not take into account when buying a new product and where a mistake is made is breaking the original packaging and throwing away all the elements that come with the peripheral. This includes the bags, cases, and manuals that come in the box. Our advice is that you keep the original packaging in full once you have removed the peripheral with all the components. Why do we say it? The store where you bought it may deny you processing the return due to warranty if you do not return all the contents of the box in its entirety.

Keep in mind that a peripheral that is defective does not have to fail on the first day and therefore failures can occur days and even weeks after the launch date, since the warranty is nothing other than the manufacturer’s commitment. that something works without problems in a certain time and conditions.

So, from the first day we recommend you carefully test each and every one of the elements of your recently purchased Logitech brand peripheral, and do tests to verify that everything works as it should to see that there are no operating problems. It also doesn’t hurt to take a look at the product and see that it has all the parts and that they are in perfect condition in the box. Normally the product manual usually includes an exploded view of all the components.

Also do not forget to save certain information of a series of key information, for example it is important to keep the original packaging to demonstrate that it corresponds to the serial number of the product and it will also be necessary to have the purchase invoice to demonstrate that we are the owners after the sale. .

What’s what the guarantee does not cover?

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The first thing we have to take into account are the cases in which by general law in the European Union we cannot process the guarantee and this includes the following scenarios:

  • Misuse and maintenance by the user.
  • Repairs or modifications made in an unauthorized manner or by an after-sales service not authorized by Logitech.
  • If the product has standard consumables, use those from other brands.
  • Make sure you don’t lose the parts, that’s why we have recommended it before, not only Logitech, but no manufacturer covers the warranty if there are parts that are broken or missing from the original packaging.
  • Every product wears out over time, so something that works perfectly and has suffered the effect of time on the materials will not be accepted as a guarantee.

If the malfunction of the product comes from Logitech then we have two options regarding the guarantee: the first is that the hardware be repaired or exchanged for an equivalent one if there is no available stock in Logitech, instead the second is that of the refund of the amount paid. Do not forget that by European Union regulations you are entitled to up to two years of guarantee regardless of the country of the same where you have bought the product.

Before requesting the warranty, register the product on the Logitech page

Logitech Product Registration

The first thing you have to do is register the product and for this you will go to the Logitech product registration website and enter the serial number, which you should see right where your barcode is located. This should appear as S / N on the box followed by a number and have a small barcode.

Product registration process warranty

In the event that the database has doubts, a pop-up window will appear where you will be given a choice between several products, in this case it is a G432 headset, so we choose that model. This is because many times there are products that end up being sold as new products that add or remove elements, or there are different names for the same product depending on the sales area.

Process Logitech Warranty

The next thing that will come out is a website from where you can download the manual in digital format and the different drivers of the product, it is advisable to update the drivers due to the fact that many of the errors we experience may have already been solved through software . So try to keep the software of your peripherals up to date, since a problem that may give the feeling that it comes from the device may have already been solved.

Processing the Warranty to Logitech

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Once we know the basic details, we can only go to the Logitech support web page, and scroll the page down until we see the part in purple where we will click on Contact. This will take you back to the product registration page of which we are interested in the following part:

Since we want to speak with the company’s after-sales service, we give you their assistance number in Spain, which at the time of writing the article is: +34 93 220 65 82. There are no more steps to follow since the entire RMA resolution It is done by telephone, where once in contact with them we will have to follow their instructions.

Contact Logitech arrange Warranty

In the event that you have bought the product in a physical store, the safest thing is that they will tell you to go to the store where you bought it and do the paperwork and the warranty processing processes. If you are interested, you can order the subscription in the store directly, since they are the ones who have to contact Logitech regardless of your choice, the same if it is a repair, it will be the store itself that is in charge of carrying it out. the managements.

If you have purchased your product in the Logitech online store, then our advice is that you contact customer service so that they can indicate the different steps to take to process the warranty. They may ask you about the error that the product has in order to resolve it before processing the warranty. Do not despair about it, keep in mind that the return by default of a product warranty is a waste of money for the manufacturer and if they can, they will avoid the refund or repair as much as possible. Simply that they tell you the steps to carry out.

To finish, keep one thing in mind, the Logitech warranty like the rest does not cover the costs of transporting the product, so unless the owner of the physical store is generous you will have to pay them, if you have bought you will always have to pay for the product online.

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