Has anyone gotten CarPlay to work on their Tesla using a Raspberry Pi?

Tesla fans are usually also very fans of Apple, but, curiously, the car brand does not seem to have much interest, at the moment, in being compatible with the brand of the bitten apple. But nevertheless, someone has managed to CarPlay apple works on your tesla. And it has done it, of course, with the most versatile device that exists, a Raspberry Pi. We’ll tell you all the details, because it’s a downright ingenious feat.

For some reason that escapes many, Tesla vehicles do almost everything, except be compatible with Apple CarPlay of the famous Cupertino brand.

Elon Musk seems to still be more interested in making a mess of it on Twitter than in making this feature a reality in his cars, so a software developer, tired of waiting, has got down to work and has managed to get Apple CarPlay working on his Tesla, using a Raspberry Pi.

How to get CarPlay in a Tesla

CarPlay on the Tesla screen

The Polish engineer Michał Gapiński shared a curious video on his Twitter account in which he showed how he had managed to run Apple CarPlay in the integrated browser of his Tesla car.

In this way, it has achieved what many iPhone owners wanted, to combine their CarPlay with the star vehicles of the moment.

Not only that, the development of Michał Gapiński has made run in perfect resolution within the main screen of his car, as can be seen in the images of this other tweet from his account.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand what this engineer has done to make it work, but from what he has explained, it consists of install a custom version of Android on the Raspberry, which, in turn, installs a program written by himself and that achieves the miracle.

Connected the Raspberry to the vehicle and the phone to the Raspberry, this Android and its software would make bridge between the iPhone and the Tesla, so that CarPlay can be viewed and operated from the vehicle’s main screen.

This is what many users were waiting for and, although few people are going to dare to start this hack, many are genuinely curious to see the software he has developed to achieve the feat.

So far, the Polish programmer has said that make your program available to everyone, But not yet. That will only happen when you polish it a lot more, until you create a first version minimally usable.

You’ll probably have to sweat quite a bit to get what Gapiński did, but if you have the money to iPhone’s Y teslas, you can probably hire a developer to do it for you.

For now, this is the only way you can use CarPlay in a Tesla and only one man has achieved it. Or at least, only one has shared it on Twitter. We will see if Elon Musk has seen it and says something that, hopefully, will not be another nonsense of his.

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