Has anyone imagined what the supposed iPhone 15 Ultra would be like?

iPhone 15 Ultra render imagined

The latest rumors about the next Apple phone speak of a new category that many have been pointing to for a long time. And it is that with the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra with its rough and resistant appearance, many were encouraged to think that the iPhone family would also sign up to launch an Ultra model with never-before-seen features that would take the phone to a new level… of exclusivity.

What will the iPhone 15 Ultra be like?

The details come, of course, through Mark Gurman, who assures that from Cupertino they are evaluating the possibility of launching a new iPhone Ultra that would come with a higher price than normal, which would mean a new monetary step within the family. of phones.

Given its name, it’s easy to think that the design will bear a close resemblance to the Apple Watch that bears the same name, so the designer Jonas Daehnert has imagined exactly what the new device would look like while maintaining the design lines of the Apple Watch Ultra. The result, as you can see, is quite spectacular.

At first it was rumored that the so-called Ultra would come to replace the Pro model that we currently know, however, it seems that everything has changed. The intention now is introduce a rangehence the Ultra would be the most advanced model and equipped with the family, also having a higher price. But what exactly does this mean?

The best iPhone

iphone 14 pro cameras.jpg

If until now, to get the iPhone with the best features, we had to opt for the iPhone Pro, it seems that now that is going to change. The supposed iPhone 15 Ultra could offer a better camera, a faster processor and even a bigger screen, according to Gurman. And this, we think, is bad news.

It is bad news because there will be users who cannot reach the price of the Ultra. If opting for the Pro is already a complicated financial exercise, buying an iPhone Ultra could mean exceeding the mark of 1,300 and even 1,500 euros of base price.

But aside from what you can or can’t afford, what we’d truly regret would be the technical improvements only achievable on the ultra model. Having a better camera is something that we can already find in the iPhone 14 Pro with a better sensor and a telephoto lens, as well as other technological improvements such as Dinamic Island, ProMotion technology or the A16 Chip.

If the Ultra exceeds the Pro’s specifications, we will see a new technical step, and that will mean that we will not be able to reach it unless we pay more. The peculiarity in this case is that the Ultra probably has a different design, focused especially on an adventurous profile, or at least that’s what we might think seeing the strategy taken with the Watch Ultra.

Either way, what does seem clear is that you will have to pay more to get the best, and if it was already complicated before, this time it could be more. How will the market take these changes? Probably the majority of users continue to pay for a phone in installments, so it might not matter to you. Don’t you think?

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