Has Intel just revealed the release date for Microsoft’s next OS?

Have we just received confirmation on the Windows 12 release schedule from a fairly reliable source? It seems that Intel itself has just revealed clues regarding Microsoft’s next operating system.


At Citi’s analyst conference last month, David Zinsner, Intel’s chief financial officer, mentioned that a Windows refresh was coming very soon. According to his words, a new version of Windows would arrive next year.

We believe 2024 will be a good year for customers, especially due to Windows Update Zinsner said at Citi’s analyst conference on September 6. “ We still think the install base is quite old and needs a refresh. We think next year could mark the start of this refresh, given the Windows catalyst “.

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Windows 12 would arrive as early as 2024, according to Intel

This is the only part of the interview in which Zinsner specifically mentions Windows or Microsoft, so information about the next version of the OS is rather slim. If we read between the lines, Intel says that 2024 will be a good year to change computers, in particular because of the arrival of a new version of Windows.

A traditional upgrade typically doesn’t require, or even incentivize, the purchase of new laptops or desktops. It’s more the kind of push that comes with a new version of Windows, so everything suggests that Intel’s framework here evokes the arrival of Windows 12. It’s hard to imagine Intel getting excited about a simple Windows update, unless it’s the new version of the operating system.

Windows 12 could even be developed jointly with the company. It would be interesting if Intel and Microsoft collaborated so that the new version uses the redesigned architecture of the Meteor Lake series with separate compute, GPU, IO and AI dies. Additionally, as both companies are working to integrate artificial intelligence into their products, the new version of Windows will likely come with advanced AI-powered features. For example, we expect strong integration of Microsoft Copilot, the new AI assistant that wants to change your daily life.

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