Has Intel outdone its i9-12900HK with its future processors?

It’s no secret that Intel already has its thirteenth generation processors on the ramp, which will be based on the Raptor Lake architecture. This is not going to be as radical a change as its predecessor. Although, obviously, it will give better performance. Which will be thanks to the various optimizations on the architecture. The result? The Intel Core 13s already outperform the i9-12900HK.

The architecture of the Intel Core 12 seems to us to be one of Intel’s greatest leaps in its history, we already said at the time that it seems equivalent to the step from Pentium IV to Core 2 or from Pentium to Pentium II. It’s about those designs that the company founded by Gordon Moore makes once in a while. Although reality at the same time has given us a jug of cold water and that is that Alder Lake, both in its desktop version and for laptops, still has a series of subjects to overcome.

It is not surprising, therefore, that we have the existence of an improved version in the form of the Raptor Lake architecture, whose changes justify the existence of a new generation. In addition, Intel has the threat of the Zen 4 that the Ryzen 7000 will use and they cannot afford to leave the enthusiast market to their direct rival on a silver platter. In any case, due to the similarities with the previous generation, we expect that the deployment of this in the market will be much faster in the market.

The Intel Core 13 for laptops already surpasses the i9-12900HK in performance

The first thing that will come to mind for many is the following question: how do we know if the processor has not even been officially announced? Because of the fact that Intel itself is testing the engineering samples of the chip that have appeared in the UserBenchmark database. We don’t know what models it is, just that it is a laptop configuration of 14 cores total and 20 threads. So we would be facing a organization with 6 P-Core cores and 8 E-Core cores. The name given to said processor? Intel RaptorLake-Px LP5 ERB, so we do not know the specific model in question.

The engineering sample Intel Core 13 outperforms the i9-12900HK in the performance benchmark. Which is within expectations, but the good news is that it is a CPU that has not yet been finalized and that may receive small changes for its quality sample, which will be used to manufacture the processor that will be the laptops. What is striking is that said engineering sample on which the benchmark has been made is limited to 87% performance by Windowsso the final version of the processor will have much higher performance.

Intel Core 13 ES 87% Windows

Among the novelties expected for processors with Raptor Lake architecture is the support for LPDDR5X memory, but especially changes in the design that will make it energy efficient, thus increasing the performance per watt. The desktop version will continue to use the socket LGA1700 and will implement the call DLVR for overclocking. At the moment we do not know if we will see this last option on laptops.

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