Has Logan Paul been scammed out of his million dollar purchase of Pokémon cards?

The famous youtuber Logan Paul was made at the end of last month with a sealed box of first generation Pokémon cards for $ 3.5 million. And despite the fact that Logan Paul usually makes headlines every week for being controversial, this time he is the center of attention because more than one expert puts his hand on the fire saying that he has been scammed. So … has the American been sneaked a falsification? How is it possible?

The $ 3.5 million scam?

If you have followed YouTube a little bit in the last year, surely you have seen how the great youtubers from each country have begun to collect pokemon cards. It was the case of Rubius, he opened a box of classic cards that he bought for 20,000 dollars and where he got a letter from Charizard with a value of more than 2,000. Well, the same play does not seem to have gone well for Logan Paul, well Pokémon card experts claim that the batch of unopened letters that have come into your hands must be a falsification.

You may be wondering how it is possible to make a scam with such a unique product and slip it to a famous youtuber. And that is where the fun is, because Paul has bought the lot from a trusted seller. The problem is nothing more than a curious butterfly effect.

PokéBeach, a medium specialized in Pokémon TCG, has launched on its website a research about famous letter box Generation 1 that Logan Paul bought for 3.5 million. The product first appeared last year in the marketplace from eBay Canada.

Experts already called the lot a scam … a year ago

At the time, experts in the Pokémon Trading Card Game did not take the announcement seriously. It was packed with spelling mistakes, and up to three experts contacted the seller to learn more about the lot. All three were given a different version of the story. What’s more, the seller not only had no reputation, but had changed the name on eBay just for that auction. Without opening the box, I already smelled like a dead cat.

The bid was won by a certain @psapikachu for $ 72,500. EBay seller proposed follow the operation off the platform, and the user flatly refused. The box was then bought by @cardkahuna, for a price that is unknown. The user allegedly presented the box to the Baseball Card Exchange, an entity that affirmed that the box was real (they did not open it, of course), and that it does not have no Pokémon card experience. Before long, the box was resold to the sports card enthusiast. @ shyne150 for $ 2.7 million, that finally something was smelled, because he resold it to Paul for 3.5.

The product is not as unique as Logan Paul thinks

Logan Paul is also wrong when he states that this Base Set is the only one that exists in the world. In the world it is known that a certain Gary Haase has one. At the same time, those who are proficient in the subject know that, even if these products have not been auctioned for many years, it does not mean that there are no more.

They have even more details on why in the detailed PokéBeach post. the data shown in the box (which we remember is a factory box, the kind that are sent to distributors, full of unopened envelopes) are false, as well as the summary of the entire lot traceability from when it became known until it ended up in the hands of the youtuber.

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