Has Shakira plagiarized a tiktoker in her song with Bizarrap?

You must live in a very (very) deep bunker to not have found out yet that Shakira has released a song that speaks clearly about Piqué – sorry, it was too easy not to make the joke. What you may not know yet is that both the Colombian singer and Bizarre, producer of the track, they could have problems after the accusations of plagiarism that have arisen in the last hours at the hands of a tiktoker.

Shakira’s song

It premiered last night, at dawn in Spain, and many stayed up just to see what the Colombian sang. It is not for less. The 54th session of Bizarre, who already turns everything she touches into gold, had Shakira herself, the ex-wife of soccer player Gerard Piqué, as a guest, and what was expected was that the singer would throw in the occasional hint in her song, just as she already did he had done in his latest songs -and like another guest, Residente, he also took advantage when he was invited to a BZRP Session, this time against J Balvin.

What few of us expected is that the 3 minutes and 37 seconds that the song lasts were entirely dedicated to the ex-Blaugrana and his resounding infidelity, with lyrics that are, at this time of day, the subject of debate and analysis wherever you read and look.

Shakira has been comfortable talking about her relationship with her ex-husband and mentioning the third person who brought about the end of her marriage with a song that, whether you like its content or not, is quite catchy. But, what if we told you that her chorus is not the first time she has sung?

A tiktoker accuses Shakira of plagiarism

The singer and writer Briella has been in charge of uncovering the matter on her TikTok account (and on other social networks, such as Twitter). This Venezuelan directly accuses Shakira of plagiarizing her song “Only you”, at least in regards to the chorus of the song byza it means. judge for yourself:

It goes without saying that people have not been slow to react. Some are positioned on the side of this singer, pointing out that “Shak” has already had problems in the past with other songs for the same matter. On the other side of the ring we find the defenders of the Colombian (possibly also fans of her music), who have not been slow to tell Briella that she is not 100% what is said either. original when singing his song. The Test? Here you have it:

It is true that when making a judgment about it, the songs from the Bizarrap and Briella session are the ones that most resemble the comparative video that we have on these lines, what we do not know is if it will be enough for Shakira or the famous Argentinian producer say something about it or acknowledge its inspiration -spoiler: they will not.

The be inspired in other songs it is far from something new. The great musical youtuber El Chombo in fact explained it to us some time ago in one of his most watched videos in which he talked about plagiarism, what they mean and imply, and he illustrated us with innumerable examples – you are going to freak out with some of them for sure. I think it comes in handy for this conversation:

And you, do you think it is plagiarism? is the tiktoker right?

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