Has the Halo Infinite release date been leaked?

Halo will return in… December?

Halo Infinite 2021

What originally had to be a premiere to accompany the Xbox Series X launch, in the end it became a complex development and very damaged by the situation of the global pandemic. The team in charge of its development admitted the immaturity of the product and confirmed that the game would be delayed indefinitely, leaving Phil Spencer as the spokesman for such a dramatic message.

And all that led us to practically a new development (forced by the incredible negative criticism that the first gameplay shown) and the situation today, where after the equator of 2021 we still do not know the launch date of the game.

But all that could end today, since in Aggiornamenti Lumia They have come across the game’s tab in the Microsoft Store, where the date December 8 now appears as the game’s launch date. The problem is that this date is a bit strange. The big launches usually take place at the end of the month, and with Xbox’s 20th anniversary being celebrated on November 15, that day seems a bit misplaced to us.

Still, it looks like the token was recently updated, and the Reserve tag has been added, so an imminent announcement could be closer than ever. And that’s what brings us back to Gamescom.

Today we could get out of doubt

But the best thing is that today we could get out of doubts. After concluding the Xbox Gamescom conference, users were quick to share their disappointment with the shared news at the event, especially after verifying the absence of Halo. However, the famous insider Klobrille, responded to a user on Twitter assuring that it would be tomorrow (today August 25), the day we would know something about the Master Chief.

And what happens today August 25? Well indeed, good old Geoff Keighley has prepared a new installment of the Gamescom Opening Night Live, and it seems that it will be there where the most anticipated details of Xbox of the last year are shared.

This is something that even the well-known leaker Jeff Grubb seemed to drop yesterday, ensuring that the Xbox’s own stream would not be the only place where we would see exclusive things of the brand. That said, it seems that Halo could have its place in the great Gamescom ceremony, so with a bit of luck, we can confirm that December 8 as the final release date or, perhaps, a final readjustment towards the month of November.

Remember that the Opening Night Live will begin today at 8:00 p.m. (in Spain), so do not miss the live to know all the details of the next releases that we will experience in the coming months.

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