Has the screen of your iPhone XR been broken? So you can change it yourself

Is the screen really failing?

Usually whenever we talk about a broken screen, the usual thing is to think that the screen has been physically damaged after a fall or a blow to the device and that, therefore, it has been completely cracked. However, on many occasions the glass is perfectly fine, and it is the screen itself that does not work. This error or failure can be totally external and have nothing to do with the screen itself, but with an error within the iPhone itself or even a failure of the operating system.

To be able to make sure that the consequence of the screen being damaged is not the screen itself, what we recommend is that, first, you try to restore the device and leave it as you found it the first day you took it out of the box. , without loading any backup. On the other hand, it would also be highly recommended, if you live nearby, to go to an Apple Store so that Apple itself can inform you of the origin of the problem you are having with the screen.

Change the screen yourself

If finally the problem is on the screen, what from La Manzana Bordida we recommend, is that you leave that repair or replacement process in the hands of professionals, that is, take your iPhone to have the screen changed at an Apple Store or an Apple-authorized service center. Obviously the price of the repair will be higher, but you will avoid taking all the risks that we are going to tell you below.

iPhone XR Front

Be aware of the risks you run

As we mentioned, the fact that it is yourself or yourself who is in charge of carrying out the entire process of repairing the iPhone XR screen carries a series of risks that you have to know so that, if you finally decide to move on, be fully aware of what this implies.

In the first place, the moment it is you or anyone who is not authorized by Apple who opens the device, this you will lose all warranty you may have with Apple. In addition, the professionals who both in the Apple Store and in the authorized technical services are in charge of carrying out this type of repairs, are fully qualified for it and have all the necessary tools to achieve the best possible result, even so, in Sometimes the repair is not done with the best result and it is Apple itself who is responsible for giving you a new device.

IPhone XR screen

Another point that you have to take into account is the screen quality. The original or official Apple ones are not sold in any store, so you will have to opt for an unofficial size that surely does not have the quality that Apple’s own offers. Finally, you have to bear in mind that if you are the one who carries out the battery replacement, it is possible that during the process you can damage another part of the device and even render it useless forever. For this reason, we encourage you to seriously reflect on whether you want to choose this route before ensuring the repair of your device by going to Apple’s technical service or one that has the authorization and quality guarantees of a Cupertino company.

Buy a new screen

If you have finally decided that you want to be the one in charge of giving a new life to your iPhone XR by changing the screen, you already know that you will not be able to count on the official screen and that surely that implies a loss of quality in the user experience that you may have using your iPhone XR with a screen made by another manufacturer.

There are several stores that make screens available to users to carry out this repair. Our advice is that before buying it you look at the comments of other users who have previously acquired it to see what their degree of satisfaction is. The alternative that we propose is this one from Amazon that, in addition, also provides you with a series of accessories that will come in handy to be able to replace the screen.

Steps to change iPhone XR screen manually

Before starting with the steps, we want, again, to alert you and invite you to reflect on the risks of changing the iPhone XR screen on your own and that we have previously discussed. However, if you continue with the idea and you are convinced that you are qualified for it, then we leave you with all the steps you have to follow to replace the iPhone XR screen.

  1. Turn off the iPhone before continuing with the next steps.
  2. Remove the two 6.7mm pentalobe screws located on the bottom edge of the iPhone.Image 1
  3. In case your iPhone screen has cracks, place overlapping strips of packing tape over the iPhone screen until the entire face is covered.
  4. Use a hair dryer or heat gun and apply it to the bottom edge of the iPhone for one minute to soften the adhesive.
  5. Place the suction cups near the bottom edge of the iPhone, one on the front and one on the back. If you only have one suction cup, apply it to the bottom of the iPhone avoiding the curved portion of the glass.Picture 2
  6. Pull up on the suction cup with steady, firm pressure to create a slight gap between the front panel and the back case.
  7. Insert an opening pick into the free space.Picture 3
  8. Slide the opening pick around the lower left corner and pull up the left edge of the iPhone, cutting through the adhesive that holds the screen in place.
  9. Reinsert the pick at the bottom edge of the iPhone and slide it up on the right side to continue to separate the adhesive.
  10. Slide the opening pick around the corner of the screen, while moving the screen down in the direction of the Lightning port.Picture 4
  11. Pull the small bulge on the suction cup to remove it from the front panel.
  12. Open the iPhone by moving the screen up from the left side, as if it were a book, also, lean the screen against something to keep it supported while you work with the rest of the device.Picture 5
  13. Remove the three 1.2mm YOOO screws that hold the battery to the connector bracket.Picture 6
  14. Remove the bracket.Picture 7
  15. Use the point of a spudger or your fingernail to pry the battery connector out of its socket on the logic board.Picture 9
  16. Bend the connector slightly away from the logic board to prevent it from accidentally making contact with the socket.
  17. Remove the two 1.2mm YOO screws holding the display connector bracket.Picture 9
  18. Remove the bracket.Picture 10
  19. Use the point of a spudger to lift and disconnect the digitizer cable.Picture 11
  20. Remove the five screws that secure the logic board connector bracket to the back case.Picture 12
  21. Remove the bracket.Picture 13
  22. Use the point of a spudger to pry the front sensor assembly connector out of its socket.Picture 14
  23. Remove the display assembly.Picture 15
  24. Remove the four screws that secure the speaker / headphone assembly to the back of the display.Picture 16
  25. Using tweezers, carefully move the speaker assembly up and away from the top edge of the screen.Picture 17
  26. Use a hair dryer or heat gun and apply it to the upper front part of the screen for 1-2 minutes, in this way you will be able to soften the adhesive that holds the sensors.
  27. Carefully slide the edge of your opening pick under the flex cable under the microphone.
  28. Twist it gently to separate the microphone, being careful not to force or damage the flex cable.Picture 18
  29. Working from left to right, slide an opening pick under the flex cable and under the proximity sensor and flood illuminator module.Picture 19
  30. Use tweezers to slide the small metal retainer out of the ambient light sensor.Picture 20
  31. Use tweezers to move the ambient light sensor and lift it from its notch on the screen.Picture 21
  32. Remove the earpiece speaker and front sensor assembly.Picture 22
  33. Follow the steps in reverse order with the new screen to finish the replacement process.

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