Have a laugh with these meme accounts on Instagram

What are memes?

It is strange that at this point, and more if you are reading this article, you are wondering what is that of memes. But it is that, oddly enough, there is still some straggler in these parts of the internet.

The most correct way to define what a meme is would be that of a graphic content (be it a photograph, a video or a text) that represents a common idea by a group of people. This comes from the Greek word “mimema”, which meant “an imitated thing”, which represented a social idea that was transmitted. Although, within the scope of the internet and social networks, the meaning has just delimited a funny or comical idea that is transmitted throughout the network and that, normally, ends up being seen by millions of people. That is, it ends up becoming viral.

This has finally made memes that have become very popular. And you may be wondering, what is the reason for this virality / popularity? Well, although they are being studied by many professionals, some of the reasons could be:

  • They are usually simple and easy to understand elements.
  • On a social level, it is usually to the liking of most to share a comic moment with our close people. This helps the viralization of content supported by other social networks such as WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • On many occasions, we tend to feel identified with the message they are trying to enact.

This is the “pretty” side of the coin but, like everything in life, it also has its negative side. On many occasions, some consciously and others unconsciously, memes are created that ridicule people or groups. This can be detrimental to those involved and even trigger certain problems.

So we don’t want to tell you that if you find a meme funny, don’t laugh. But try to put yourself in that person’s shoes if someone is involved and if, if you were in their shoes, you would like more people to see it.

Best memes accounts on Instagram

That said, and now that you know well what “memes” means, it is time to move on to those accounts that will make you smile on Instagram.

Cabronazi (@cabronazi)

We want to start this compilation with one of the most famous accounts within this social network in relation to this memes. And, how could it be otherwise, it is the profile of Nazi, an account that already reaches more than 10 million followers. Here we can see memes of all kinds, some more direct, others more sarcastic but, without a doubt, most of them very funny. (@memes)

Another of the largest communities of this type of video on Instagram is that of Currently they have reached more than 7 million viewers who follow each of their publications on the social network. Once again, we can see memes of all kinds, some that recall aspects of our childhood, others more adult, etc. Of course, keep in mind that its content is in English.

Millennial nostalgia (@millennial nostalgia)

And, speaking of remembering moments of our childhood, one of the best accounts that you should already follow on Instagram is that of Millennial nostalgia, especially if you are of that generation. Through your post we will be able to remember advertisements, images, magazines and much more for those of us who belong to the time of the 90s and the 2000s. Bravo magazine, the Colacao advertisement, drawings from when we were little. The laughter, on this occasion, will be accompanied by a phrase similar to ¬ęGod! Do you remember this?”. This profile is already followed by more than 260,000 people On Instagram.

FUCK JERRY (@fuckjerry)

The account of Fuck jerry It is one of the oldest on the platform, having been present since 2012. As with the previous one, this profile focuses more specifically on a type of content that may be more liked by that audience of the millennial generation or Generation Z. We can see posts referring to Pop culture, simple but funny memes and many more interesting things. Currently Fuck Jerry’s account reaches almost 16 million users in this social network.

The Blonde Neighbor (@lavecinarubia)

Surely the account of The Blonde Neighbor. The profile of an influencer who has managed to make laugh more than 2.8 million followers throughout Instagram with his phrases and eloquent moments. In most cases we will see her joking about friends, groups and moments that we can all live in our day to day and that, of course, are still comical if we think about it.

Funny Videos (@funnyvideos)

From the creators of the Memes account that we had shown you at the beginning comes the profile of Funny Videos. It has fresh content on a daily basis, including memes of all kinds and designed for anyone. From funny images of children, criticisms to nonsensical attitudes, jaw-dropping moments and much more. This profile is followed 1 million users for the moment, but the number just grows and grows.

Jezucrihto xd (@yisucrist)

Another of the most hilarious accounts of all Instagram is that of Jezucrihto xd, which is followed more than 1.2 million people in this social network. In it you will find memes of all kinds but, above all, those with a more casual, simple tone that seeks the tickles of people. Videos and photos that, without a doubt, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Postureo Spanish (@postureoespanol)

If you were looking for memes in Spanish, another of the accounts that we can recommend the most is that of Spanish Posture, which has more than 1.3 million users. This profile is full of eloquent phrases, funny memories, unforgettable Spanish phrases and much more.

Saint Hoax (@sainthoax)

If you like satire and criticism of famous people you should follow Saint Hoax. A profile that hides a criticism that could be classified as politically incorrect although, on many occasions, it is largely right. A rather acid humor that you may like or, perhaps not so much. This profile is followed by almost 3 million followers On Instagram.

RFL YOUR FEMINIST AUNTS (@ ricas.famosas.latinas)

Finally, we wanted to show you the account of RFL YOUR FEMINIST AUNTS or, as they are better known, Rich Famous Latinas. A profile that speaks from the most sarcastic and ironic way of everyday situations that can happen to all of us. In addition, as you can imagine from their name, they also deal with many issues related to feminism and discrimination supported by humor. So far they follow 143,000 users through this social network.

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