Have a laugh with these Twitter accounts of memes

What is a meme?

Probably explaining this to you is falling into redundancy a bit because, today, it is quite strange that someone does not know what that meme is. But, because there is someone clueless in the room, we explain below what they are about.

A meme is defined as a graphic element, which may well be a photo or a video, which is used to express something on a social level among a group of people. Although, speaking specifically of the social networks, memes have ended up being used for convey a funny idea or comic moment. These types of concepts, mixed with the theme of virality, makes that content time ends up being seen by millions of people.

Memes often have different details in common that make them popular content quite easily. For example, are comments or data very simple to understand. Being a funny element, mixed with that simplicity, they end up being something that many people want to share so that others can also enjoy them or laugh with them. Sometimes we can even feel identifying with what we are seeing or reading in these memes.

So far we have the positive aspect of memes, but what happens when they are used to criticize or insult a person? In that case, it may still be funny for you, but millions of people bullying another is not so funny.

So, before sharing one of these elements, perhaps we should think about how that person might feel or how it might affect them. Put yourself in their situation and reflect on whether you would like that to happen to yourself.

Best Twitter meme accounts

That said, it is time for us to introduce you to all these profiles that will surely make you smile on Twitter. Get ready because we have a fairly complete list.

The first account we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular on this social network talking about the topic of memes. This is the profile of Someecards, which already has more than 1.8 million users following his post. This is the account of a well-known e-card brand that publishes super funny memes of day-to-day events.

On the other hand, another of the super known profiles on Twitter is The Best of Twitland. In your account, you already have 1.2 million people In this social network, share the most viral content that you will be able to find. If you want to have a laugh and not focus on the complaints and penalties that many post on Twitter, you should be following her already.

If you like football, an essential in your timeline should be the account of Football Soccer Memes, which already adds something more than 458 thousand followers On twitter. Here, as its name suggests, you will find memes of all kinds related to the beautiful game. From comical reactions to the result of a game, a made-up conversation with a photo of players in a game, or some somewhat awkward funny capture of a coach or player.

Anacleto Panceto (@Xuxipc)

On the other hand, and surely this profile also sounds familiar to you, there is the account of Anacleto Panceto. A mix between memes of comic moments and social criticism that will not leave anyone indifferent. It deals with topics of all kinds such as politics, football, religion or whatever is in the spotlight at that moment. Anacleto’s account already totals more than 215 followers in the social network of the blue bird.

There goes another account for lovers of the world of sports. It is obviously about Sports Meme where we can see memes with photos, videos, gifs, photomontages and much more of any sport with a minimum of interest. Although, as you can imagine, most of the laughs you will have with football or basketball memes. This profile has already exceeded 215 thousand followers On twitter.

Another of the profiles that follows very closely, speaking of followers, to the previous accounts is that of Ugly memes. Here there is no doubt what we are going to find. A compilation of the most viral memes that we can find through social networks at all times and of all kinds: basic humor, anime memes, the most typical memes with the frog or the strong dog and a very long etcetera. The Ugly Memes account is currently followed by 212 thousand people within the social network of the little blue bird.

When an Andalusian appears online, it is not uncommon to see someone who asks him to be funny or to tell a joke. Although it is not correct to judge an entire community by the same standard, the Bad face he is the perfect image of what people think is the prototype of an average Andalusian. A very characteristic way of speaking, a humor using very southern words and expressions. It is true that, sometimes, the memes and jokes that you can use are something basic, but you will have to laugh yes or yes with this profile that is already followed by more than 116 thousand users On twitter.

These are some of the best meme accounts that you will find within this social network. Did you know them all? Do you want to share any that we did not name on this list? Leave us a comment below if you know any more that are interesting.

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