Have an ASUS product and it fails? So you can process your guarantee

We do not wish it to anyone and certainly not any manufacturer, but unfortunately and as it happens in all technological sectors “things break.” Whether due to a manufacturing defect, an electrical problem or even improper use, the reality is that no matter how much technology improves, there is always a unit that asks to be replaced.

Therefore, in this article we are going to know how to proceed to replace an ASUS product through its guarantee, which of course has a series of indispensable requirements.

What are these requirements to be able to file an RMA with ASUS?


Like all ASUS companies, it has a series of steps and guidelines to follow, and although there is one point in common, everything begins with a particularization. This particularization has to do with the invoice, its date and especially with the type of product that we have with a malfunction, since the guarantees vary according to this and it is impossible to cover them due to the number of types of products that ASUS has in the market.

So first of all what we have to do is precisely have the product invoice in itself, since it will be a requirement in more advanced steps, and secondly and with the date of purchase on the invoice, to determine how much warranty ASUS offers for said product.

The warranty of a USB Wireless is not the same as that of a power supply, for example. Assuming then that we meet the requirements, that we have the invoice, that the product is still under warranty with ASUS by date and that we have at least its packaging (also an important requirement today, they do not usually process without it) and accessories, already that the brand asks that this be the case in the vast majority of cases.

Here you have to open a small parenthesis and differentiate between warranty and repair. We might think that the differences are obvious, but for many it is not so, since the guarantee is limited and the repair does not imply any guarantee.

In other words, the limited warranty has a maximum term and conditions that each product must meet and are set by ASUS, for which we will have to go directly to the website of our product, click on «medium»And then under warranty (usually on the right of the screen).

The repair instead is a service that is offered in two circumstances and only in certain products: the error or problem is not covered by the guarantee or there is no longer guarantee because it expired temporarily speaking and we also want ASUS to repair the product for us.

How to process an ASUS product warranty

Well, there are several ways to do it. The first and easiest is to contact them by email, where to do this we have to go to the product website and click on support, within the top menu that ASUS has and as shown in the image below.


Once inside, what we will have to do is go into the submenu that ASUS shows us to the warranty section:


After clicking what we will see, as a general rule (the warranty policies are not written on all products or types of products curiously, which makes it difficult to know how much warranty the product in question has) is the policy section for the warranty.

We must make sure that we comply with all the requirements, because if this is not the case, moving forward is a waste of time so that in the end ASUS dismiss the RMA and end up charging us the roundtrip postage. If we are sure of meeting the requirements, the contact will be shown here by email, just to the left of the screen:


Once we click on it, what we will have will be a new website with an appearance equal to or similar to the following:


Here we will have to fill in our personal data, after which it will ask us just below for the serial number of the product. At this point there are two options:

  • The first is to create an account in ASUS, register the product by entering all your data so that it appears later on the list, the problem is that this is only useful if we have many ASUS products, because doing this previously when the RMA has to be processed already It is registered.
  • The second is to enter the data manually because it will be something specific because we do not have many ASUS products.

Normally a normal user opts for option two because it is something specific and a single product, but to speed up the process, registering the product in advance is a good idea.


This last step is simple, since we only have to choose a topic, describe the error, upload the invoice in one of the formats that are specified, enter the verification code and accept ASUS policies.

Later we can hit the send button and in a few days ASUS will contact us via email to handle each particular case. If this method is really complicated or cumbersome, we always have the option of calling the number that ASUS provides in Spain, which is 902570488.

We will really have to do the same as we have done in the previous steps, only that we will have to wait for an agent to attend us and thus lose a little more time, although the processing as such will be more direct. Keep in mind that customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning to 18 in the afternoon.

There would be a third method to process an RMA with ASUS, but the only difference with what is described above is that it is done within the personal account of each one, but it is to take one more step, since what you do is send us to the product page to start the whole process that we have seen so far.

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