Have the Three Wise Men forgotten your hard drive? Here you have up to 5 TB from 59 euros

Christmas, and the Christmas shopping campaigns, have come to an end. From now on, everything will return to normal: the holidays are over for all those who had them, and we are ready to face the January slope. But what happens if we expected something as a gift, but the Three Wise Men have forgotten about it? Nothing happens, if we know how to search, we can always find the best offers.

Something that is always good to have on hand is a good hard drive. We always have things to save: photos, videos, backup copies, etc. And, with the passage of time, hard drives fill up and it is necessary to buy new ones if we want to continue saving things on the computer. If we are in this situation, and we have not realized it before, today we bring you some incredible offers in external hard drives up to 5TBaffordable for all budgets.

The best deals on Seagate hard drives

The first of the hard drives that we cannot find on sale is this Seagate Technology Portable Drive from 1TB. This external disk allows us to connect it to the PC through the USB 3.0 port so that we can have access to all our data and always carry it with us. It is compatible with Windows and macOS, and also includes two years of data recovery services in case of problems. We can get this first unit for only €59.99.

The second of the offers is the same hard drive as before, but with a capacity of 4TB. This unit has the same specifications as the previous one, and has a total discount of 20%, so we can buy it, for a limited time, for only €111.99. A real bargain on hard drives.

And finally, the most recommended option and the one that comes out the best for the price, the 5 TB Seagate Technology Portable Drive. With a total of 5 terabyte capacity we will be able to save in it, literally, everything we want. It has a high-speed USB 3.0 port, and is a special edition for Amazon. Its price is currently at a 24% discount, so we can get it for just €129.99. An outstanding price.

Other hard drives on sale

If we do not want a Seagate hard drive on sale, we can also find other alternatives at a very good price on Amazon. For example, these Toshiba Canvio Basics drives, with a USB 3.2 port, which we can find with the following discounts:

  • 1TB: 20% discount; 45.66 euro.
  • 2TB: 35% discount; 62 euro.
  • 4 TB: 0% discount: 100 euros.

And of course, Western Digital has some of its best bargain drives, too. For example, the Western Digital Elements range is on sale and allows us to get the 1.5 TB unit with a 24% discount for 60 euros, the 3 TB unit with a 30% discount for 89.99 euros, and even 5 TB for 123.88 euros, cheaper than the Seagate. A real chop.

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