Have you been hooked on Wordle? These 4 games are even more addictive

When we refer to these games, they are titles that are generally characterized by the simplicity that they offer us, but with high penetration rates among millions of users. Actually, as many of you will already know first hand, Wordle is a game that is basically about forming words. Perhaps one of the secrets of the success of this type of game is precisely its simplicity both of use and at the interface level.

For example, if we focus on the aforementioned Wordle, it is renewed daily and we will have to give the coconut a little to find the correct solution. But it is also true that as the weeks go by the game begins to make us repetitive, so perhaps it would be better to look for other similar alternatives. With this, what we want to tell you is that, if you have been hooked on this particular title that we are mentioning for a while, you may be interested in these other proposals.

Specifically, we will talk about four other games similar to Wordle so that you can have a good time of leisure, either in the office or at home. In addition, to be able to enjoy all this that we mentioned, you will also only need an internet connection and your favorite web browser.


In addition, due to the simplicity of use that this other alternative to Wordle offers us, this is a title that is also characterized by being quite complicated. This basically means that its operation is similar to the game we were hooked on, but even more difficultwhich for many can be an interesting challenge.


In this case we find another similar but more convoluted and complex proposal that focuses on words related to the bird world. This means that in the event that you are lovers of these animals that we mentioned, possibly BRDL will hook you to the fullest. It is worth mentioning that the method of operation is very similar to what we are used to in this type of word-guessing web applications.


If in the previous case we talked about a game of guessing words referring to the animal world, specifically birds, now we find another alternative to Wordle but in the cycling. In this case we will have to guess the name of the cyclists that are proposed with a similar operation to that of other mentioned titles.


In this specific case we are going to talk about another similar alternative, but in this case focused on the numbers more than in the lyrics. The main objective of this game is to try to guess a proposed operation by placing the corresponding numbers and signs until you get the correct result. Without a doubt, it is one of the most attractive options for lovers of mathematics.

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