Have you copied Nothing to Apple?

Nothing is one of the technology companies that has managed to make the most noise during 2022 thanks to the way it does things and, of course, the products it has launched on the market, which in reality have not been many, but Of course, they have managed to attract the attention of users with them. Now, some of them have a certain resemblance to those of Apple, so the question we ask is, does Nothing copy Apple?

When it comes to looking back and seeing what Nothing has done over the last year, or rather, a year and a half, we can see how the products it has launched, which are Nothing ear (1), Nothing ear (stick ) and Nothing Phone (1), They all have a certain resemblance to some that Apple also has in its catalogBut let’s go by parts.

The first product launched by the European company were the No ear (1), headphones that are very similar in shape to AirPods Pro and that, in addition, offer really good sound quality and noise cancellation. After this, and now if already in 2022, Nothing presented and launched its smartphone, the Nothing Phone(1)about which a lot of expectation had been created and that, as soon as they learned about its design, many accused Nothing of having taken an iPhone 12 and slightly modified it. Finally, making a movement similar to that of Apple with the AirPods 3, they have launched the Nothing ear (stick)which are the Nothing ear (1) but without pads and without noise cancellation.

Nothing does not copy, it is inspired by Apple

It is evident that Nothing has taken ideas from the Cupertino company, however, we cannot accuse the European company of having copied as such, something that other companies in the market have done. They have seen how Apple has been and is resoundingly successful with many of its products, and they have wanted, in some way, to be able to imitate those movements to be able to seduce that public that is so loyal to the apple.

NothingPhone white

It could be said that Nothing has been quite inspired by Apple for two main aspects, firstly, the shape of your products, since in the end they do have a reasonable resemblance to others from Apple, and second, something that Cupertino’s do very well, which is to take an idea that is already on the market and carry it out better than anyone else, and that is exactly what Nothing has done with the design of its products. It is true that, as we said, in shape they are quite similar to those of Apple, but they have given it a twist and have made three really unique and very attractive devices, making many Apple users feel attracted to their headphones and their smartphone. All this thanks to a different way of doing things, since this “transparent” design, with such a different and representative typography, and the LED lights that the Nothing Phone (1) has, have been enough for Nothing to have been able to create its “own brand”.

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