Have you deleted a document in Pages? so you’ll get it back

The thing to keep in mind is that there is not a 100% chance of recovering Pages documents that you accidentally deleted. You should know that this is an action that is theoretically irrevocable, once they have already been deleted from the recycle bin or simply have not been saved. It is true that there are some loopholes that we are going to be able to explore in this article to recover them, but you should not have any illusions. There are probabilities in which we will move, where this process will not be able to be carried out, either by deleting temporary files or by other actions.

Different situations that can occur

Keep in mind that when you lose a document, many different situations can occur. In all of them you will have a completely different solution and that you will like more or less. Below we expose all these situations that you will always have to take into account.

You have it in the recycle bin on Mac or iCloud Drive

In the event that you are on a Mac, you should know that all the documents or images that you delete go through a quarantine process. This is the classic recycle bin that has accompanied us through many operating systems. It is for this reason, that it should always be the first place you look when searching for something you accidentally deleted. If everything goes well, it will be here and you will restore it correctly and at the moment to be able to continue working with it. Of course, we recommend you save it now to avoid deleting it again or losing it in different folders.

In the case of having an iPhone or iPad, there is no recycle bin. But in most cases Pages will be connected to iCloud Drive and all the documents will be here. By deleting them from iCloud, regardless of the device, they will also be kept in quarantine in case you need to rescue them, when you regret deleting them. The only thing you should keep in mind is that these files remain here for 30 days and then they are completely deleted automatically. In this case, in order to recover them, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Files or Finder.
  2. Head over to iCloud Drive.
  3. In the sidebar you will find the Recently Deleted section.
  4. When you find the file, click on it and click on More. Then select Recover.

From this moment on, the object in question will be restored to exactly the same location where it was before it was deleted. Without a doubt, it is something really useful that you will always have to take into account as a first measure.

Files you haven’t saved

Without a doubt, this is something that can become annoying. You spend several hours working on a document, you leave your computer and turn it off accidentally. The next day you find that you have not made a copy of your work and you will have to start over. Without a doubt, more than one reader will be identified with all these words and the situation, since it is quite common. In these situations, you have to rely on the automatic save function that is integrated into Pages in both the iOS and macOS versions. In this case, we are going to focus exclusively on Mac to be able to carry out the explanation.

The theory is that any type of changes you make to a document will be automatically detected and saved. That is why you will hardly find a document that has not been saved on your Mac. In this case, in order to recover the file that has not been saved through this functionality, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Access any Pages document.
  2. You will instantly see all the documents on the page that you have left open.
  3. In order to have extra options, follow the path Files > Go back to > Browse all versions.
  4. Go to File > Restore a copy.

Recover Pages files

Recover deleted Pages document

If the autosave did not take effect, you discarded it from these options, or you simply deleted the document, you have an even more serious problem. Faced with this situation, one of the recommended solutions, as long as you have been farsighted, is to try to recover it via Time Machine backup. We talk about forecasting because there are many users who do not have a backup made, although it is repeated on numerous occasions how important it is. Time Machine has the characteristic that it integrates a really interesting interface to be able to restore the Mac as it was at a given and very specific moment. Obviously, this is a method that is only available for Apple computers, since the iPhone or iPad does not have this backup feature.

If you are a foresighted person, you will have a hard drive connected and that has a backup of all the information on your Mac. If so, you will be able to recover the most valuable information for you. Simply, you will have to follow the following steps in this situation:

  1. Go to the Apple icon in the corner of your Mac.
  2. Click on System Preferences.
  3. Access Time Machine.
  4. Open the folder where you have your Pages documents stored.
  5. Use the arrows and the timeline to find your document.
  6. When you find it, click on Recover to be able to have it back in the previous location and as if nothing had happened.

How to Restore a Time Machine Backup on a Mac

Third-party programs can be used

Naturally, many solutions can be found on the Internet to be able to access the recovery of information as important as these documents. In this case, what is going to be done is to search through the temporary files to be able to restore the specific location of a storage unit. This is ideal, especially when you want to use up all the cartridges you have at your disposal and you do not have a backup available, a method that we have previously discussed. This is something that can also be applied to an iPhone or iPad, although obviously this type of program will always have to be installed on a computer in order for it to work correctly.


All programs share a common feature: they are very easy to use. In general, when they are going to be executed, you will have to choose the device that you have connected or the storage unit where the Pages file that you have recently deleted was located. At the moment, the scanning process of all the information will begin, so that later the result is shown and you end up restoring the file quickly and always in the previous location in which it could be found.

But it also has a drawback. Mostlythese third-party programs require a subscription to the service or buy the program itself. For some users, it may be completely unacceptable, but if it is something important to recover, you will have to trust these tracking programs. For the most part, there are many options that you will be able to find and that are of quality. The main applications that we find that fulfill this function are the following:

  • iMyFone AnyRecover.
  • FunData Mac.
  • Recovery Labs
  • Easeus.
  • dr.fone.
  • Disk Drill Pro.

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