Have you installed Windows 11 by force? You will see notices everywhere

And it is that there are some state-of-the-art equipment that, due to certain specific deficiencies, do not meet these requirements, which is a problem. Keep in mind that many users are willing to migrate to the latest version of the system, but can not. As the company itself let us know from the beginning, it is advisable to wait to receive the automatic update. This should come to us through the windows update function sooner or later for all those compatible teams.

With all this and as expected, there are many others who, not receiving the possibility of migrating, have forced installation. Initially, those who have made this move will still be able to enjoy Windows 11, but their hardware is still considered unsupported. Precisely for this reason, Microsoft is now testing a new function that reminds these users that system requirements are not met.

Keep in mind that, before launching it at the end of 2021, the company imposed much stricter requirements than those of the previous version of Windows. Previously, Microsoft tried to make things easier in this regard so that users could upgrade to new versions of the operating system as soon as possible. But this changed radically with the release of Windows 11.

Microsoft will warn if your PC is incompatible with Windows 11

It could be said that one of the changes here that has generated the most controversy is the restrictions with certain processors compatible devices that are required to support TPM. With everything and with it, as we told you, there are many who have forced the update despite not meet these requirements. Well, in these cases, they will begin to receive messages informing them of this fact. That is, the computer does not meet all the requirements of Windows 11.

We must bear in mind that the firm introduced the possibility to evade verification of the requirements during the installation of the new Windows. Of course, he made it clear that he did not recommend doing it because he could not guarantee that incompatible systems received updates, including security ones. Right now we can use tools like Rufus to avoid this requirement check. That is why the firm has now made the decision to send warning messagespossibly annoying, to incompatible computers that have installed Windows 11.

It is worth mentioning that Windows 11 PCs were all treated the same way until now. This was independent of whether or not they met the system requirements, but that is about to change. The number of incompatible Windows 11 computers running earlier versions of Windows is currently unknown. It must be said that these can run Windows 10 until 2025at which point support for that version is planned to end.

So if you get a reminder in the Settings app on a non-compliant installation of the system, you are not the only ones. This annoying message is part of Microsoft’s strategy, although it does not affect the functionality of the computer.

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