Have you placed your Wi-Fi repeater correctly? These are the most frequent errors

You’ve finally bought your new Wi-Fi repeater, now all you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in and pair it with your router to start enjoying faster speeds and greater range with your Wi-Fi network. These devices do not have much mystery today, they are very easy to use, but unfortunately this it hasn’t stopped us from making serious mistakes during the installation process.

In most cases, the mistakes made in the installation of a Wi-Fi repeater come from users with little experience, or with little technical knowledge, but do not be fooled, even some advanced users they may end up making some of those mistakes for a variety of reasons, such as carelessness or trying to do things too quickly.

I am aware of this reality, and that is why today I want to share with you an article where we are going to review the most frequent mistakes that continue to be committed when installing a Wi-Fi repeater. Keep in mind that these errors can make the user experience terribly bad, so we must try to avoid them at all costs.

1.-Place the Wi-Fi repeater in a location where there are many obstacles

This is one of the mistakes we make most frequently, and also one of the ones that can have the most impact on the performance and range of our new Wi-Fi repeater. It is normal that we try to place the repeater as close as possible to the place where we want to take our Internet connection, but we must avoid those plugs that leave you surrounded by obstacles.

The impact of the obstacles can vary a lot depending on each type, but some can almost completely block the Wi-Fi signal, as we told you at the time in this article, so the ideal is find the nearest outlet to the area where we want to take our Wi-Fi connection, but always prioritizing whoever is freerthat is, the one with the fewest obstacles.

WIFI repeater

2.-There are no visible obstacles, but what about the interference?

We came across a mistake that even the most advanced users tend to make, since interference is not something visible, and therefore it is easier to forget about them. If you place the repeater in an area where it is free of obstacles but surrounded by very marked interference, you will be making a mistake.

This makes it generally best not to place a Wi-Fi repeater in areas where multiple electronic devices are emitting interference. If it helps you, I have usually always placed the repeaters that I have used in central positions, and in the corridors of my homethat is, away from sources of interference and obstacles.

3.-Getting too far from the router is a serious mistake

When we have a large area that we want to cover, and the router is far from the area where we want to take our Wi-Fi, it is very easy to make this mistake. If you place the Wi-Fi repeater too far from the router, this one will not receive well the signal of that oneand in the end you could run into serious connection problems.

It is better that you do not rush so much, and that you place the Wi-Fi repeater at a safe distance from the router. Most current Wi-Fi repeaters come with a light signal indicator that will help you find the right location, and if you bought a FRITZ!Repeater without this indicator, don’t worry, you can use the MyFRITZ!App application.

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