Have you stained the Doritos PS5 controller? This is how you should clean it

If you are a console gamer or use a gamepad to play your favorite PC games, then you may have noticed that they accumulate dirt over time. Unfortunately, due to the narrow places, sometimes it is difficult for us to clean, but if you are one of those who sweat your hands a lot, in the end the scum accumulates. Well, it may seem like a banality, but we are going to show you how clean console controller efficiently so that you have it almost like the first day.

There is nothing worse than being at home, inviting a friend and seeing how said person when seeing the control knob that we leave him makes a face of displeasure at how dirty the gamepad is. Actually, we can’t do anything, and the worst thing is that if we have eaten while playing, then that fat ends up accumulating on the surface of the controller. This will also attract quasi-microscopic beings that will feed on it. A festival, come on!

How to clean your console controller efficiently?

The main rule to keep something clean is not to dirty it, in this case, eat Doritos first, wash your hands and then continue with the game. Although it is not always possible to do so. In any case, many people have a dirty controller because they don’t know how to clean it properly and not because they don’t wipe it regularly.

We have to clarify that what we are going to tell you next not only works for the DualSense of the PS5, but it is applicable to any other control command that you have at home.

What materials do I need and how to do it?

Cleaning a console controller is not something that requires advanced technical knowledge, just a little patience and the right tools. Which are nothing to write home about and you can find them at the nearest drugstore or shopping center.

  1. First of all, we’re going to need both a microfiber cloththe same ones used to clean glasses and screens, as well as a pot of isopropyl alcohol in a concentration greater than 70%. We will pass the cloth through all the parts that we can, do not worry if you do not reach all, the objective is to clean the general and moisten the areas where the dirt has been accumulating.
  2. In the joints of the casing is where rust usually accumulates, take a wooden toothpick, like the one used for food lids, and go over the joints, while with the microfiber cloth you clean what you are taking out. An option that is also valid, but do not do it with the one you use for your oral hygiene, is to use a toothbrush, especially an automatic one.
  3. In order to clean the triggers and the upper buttons, you can do it using the materials from the previous point, but we recommend the use of ear swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol that we will use to clean both the button panel and the connections carefully.
  4. Once you have everything clean, wipe it down with a completely dry microfiber cloth.

In any case, this will not reduce the wear of certain parts, as is the case of the spring that allows the triggers to travel, as well as the analog sticks. In that case you will have to replace those parts with others, which is a different update process.

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