Haven’t you updated Photoshop in a while? this you’re missing

The software sector focused on photo editing is very extensive in terms of available solutions. With everything and with it, perhaps the most popular is the one offered by the giant Adobe with its program Photoshopapplication that most of you already know.

It must be admitted that mastering this program in its entirety is quite a complicated task and limited to experts. But at the same time we can find some interesting basic functions that allow us to do wonders with our images. All this without having in-depth knowledge about how this tool works. It has been with us for many years, so it has not stopped evolving and improving, adapting to the times.

All this thanks to the almost constant updates that its developer sends us from time to time. Thanks to them we have the possibility to enjoy the latest and most advanced functions that Adobe has developed for this specific application. In fact, next, we are going to talk about the latest features that have been implemented in Photoshop and that you may not enjoy yet for not updating.

Keep in mind that this is one of the most important and used programs out there, so Adobe takes special care in advancing and improving it. If you want to know the most recent novelties that have reached the photo editing appwe are going to talk about them.

New features you’re missing in Adobe Photoshop

Technology in general is on the rise, something that directly affects the software sector. At the same time it is very beneficial for users, as in the aforementioned case of Adobe Photoshop. These are the main novelties that have recently arrived at the powerful image editor.

photoshop filters

  • automatic selections: Usually our images are made up of multiple different objects. Sometimes we want to mark or select some of these to delete them, extract them, or perform some kind of independent task. This new function allows us to carry out this work with a single mouse click, which makes things much easier for us.
  • share to comment: group work has become key in multiple software sectors. This is something that reaches everything related to design and photo editing, as is the case. Now Photoshop allows us share our projects created here with other people so that everyone can comment on the work done.
  • small but mighty: Adobe has greatly improved the treatment of color here by achieving more precise tonal management. Also, this is something that directly affects the work with gradients that we use so often.
  • neural filters: These items are very helpful for both novice and experienced users. That is precisely why the company does not stop improving them in Photoshop. Now we can use several images together for these elements, creating spectacular and original compositions.
  • Illustrator and Photoshop: Illustrator is another popular design-related software solution from this same firm. Therefore, now Adobe wants to improve the synchronized and joint work between both titles. From this moment we will be able to paste Illustrator content into Photoshop maintaining all its properties such as colors and integrated layers.

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