Having sex on the beach has serious damage to nature, study reveals

Have you heard or read the term ‘cruising’? It consists of a practice in which people have sex with strangers in public spaces like parks and Beaches. This activity has greatly affected the Natural Reserve of The Dunes of Maspalomas, on Spain.

This is stated in a recent study published on the scientific portal Science Direct and carried out by researchers from Physical Geography and Environment of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


The investigation details the ecological impact of the constant practice of sex in The Dunes of Maspalomas, an iconic place recognized as Special Nature Reserve since 1994 and that also has native vegetation.

Levi Garcia-Romero, lead author of the study, explained that the cruising It has been carried out in the aforementioned dunes since the 70s. Years later, between the 80s and 90s, he affirmed that travel agencies offered tourist packages describing the place as the ideal place to have “wild sex”.

By engaging in sexual activities, tourists ‘build’ their ‘love nests’, like birds. However, in doing so destroy the vegetation of the place, affecting eight native plant species, three of them endemic.

“They create nests with vegetation and branches, just as birds do, to isolate themselves and have an intimate space. By uprooting vegetation they cause the sand to loosen, not to get stuck and to produce erosion processes that affect the dune system“, said Garcia-Romero, according to the portal El Español.

Along the 5 thousand 763 square meters from sandy space, experts found 298 Places where people have sex. And not only that, because they also detected a total of 18 types of waste that impact the environment.

“The most representative are cigarette butts cigarettes, torn vegetation/cut, toilet paper and wipes, condoms, shells of fruits, cans and feces“, it reads at work.

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