Having trouble getting the HBO Max introductory offer? You are not the only one

It has only been a couple of days since HBO max premiered in Spain and as expected, new users of the video on demand service, but also old ones, are encountering various technical and subscription-related problems, which They are the ones that really hurt because they affect the pocket.

Specifically, both many of the new users who are subscribing to HBO Max, as well as many of those who were already subscribed to HBO Spain and have been automatically transferred to the new platform, are clamoring for not being able to access the promotion of the 50% discount forever, 4.49 euros per month, instead of the 8.99 euros that the subscription will cost in a current way and without counting future price increases for the service.

What exactly is the problem? For many of the new users, when creating the account and subscribing, something fails and the transaction is not completed, forcing the repetition of the process only to discover that the system recognizes them as ex-users and no longer applies the discount, whose conditions include the obligation to maintain the subscription. That is to say, if you cancel the subscription, you lose the discount. A simple, but effective trick to keep the user in a good grip.

Something similar is happening to old users: it recognizes them as already active users and does not offer them the discount. It is also useless to cancel the subscription and try again … with the consequent discrimination and very ugly, to be honest: not only does it deny the benefits of newcomers although it is a new service, but it doesn’t reward your loyalty at all. A real customer repellent that no company in their right mind should be able to afford.


But is this happening to all users equally? It is impossible to know, but going through the publications of HBO Max on social networks because of its launch, they accumulate hundreds of angry comments for these reasons. By way of example, the ads posted on Facebook and Twitter, although the complaints go beyond the ads as such, or these social networks. As it is said, it is not something new: the same thing happened when HBO Max was released in Latin America.

It was not that my experience: I subscribed without problems, the promotion was activated and they have already charged me the first payment of 4.49 euros. All, in addition, with the same bank account and email with which I have been subscribed to HBO Spain for a long time, although it has been more than a year since I unsubscribed.

However, reading people’s comments, there are those who point out ways to skip -depending on whether you are a new or old user- the error or discrimination of HBO Max towards the launch promotion: the rejection -or recognition as an ex-user- is not given by the account number, but by the email address with which the account is opened, so it would be enough to use another or an alias.

What if the latter also fails? Then it only remains to follow the instructions that the company itself is giving to the few users to whom it deigns to answer:

¬ęTo assess your particular situation, we encourage you to contact our customer service They will help you analyze the different options available to you. “

Luck! And remember: promotion ends November 30so you have time to try again by land, sea and air.

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