Hawkeye uses a Pixel 4 (and other curiosities)

This week premiered Hawk Eye, the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) series for Disney + and the release chosen to head our section on VOD news. He had not planned to talk more about her, except in the occasional rebound article, but here is a piece of news, although it sounds contradictory, as curious as it is lacking in interest.

As is often the case with every news that comes around the UCM, geeks rejoice in every detail to unleash what is involved, be it theories about the future of the universe or more mundane things, as is the case. And the fact is that there are those who have noticed the mobile that uses not only Hawkeye, but the rest of the important characters that have appeared in the two chapters that the series has at the moment.

Well, it turns out that the character played by Jeremy Renner uses a Just Black Pixel 3, but not just any one, but with the custom interface. This small detail without apparent interest gains volume when, according to 9to5Google, Hawkeye’s mobile, as far as it is known, has always been one of Google’s Pixels. Or so it was also, at least, in Avengers: Endgame.

To curl the curl, however, these gadget detectives have also taken a look at the mobiles used by other main characters in the series, and that of co-star Hailee Steinfeld, who plays Kate Bishop, wears a phone. Just Black Pixel 4 “With a very custom operating system that actually makes sense given the context of the story,” they write.

Hawkeye checking Gmail

They later updated the news to indicate that Bishop’s mother also uses a Pixel 4 “in a Sorta Smokey (gray) cloth box where the salmon / orange power button is visible.” So far they have come for the moment. Why is this data curious, beyond whether you are a big fan of Marvel superheroes, of this specific character or of technology and mobile phones?

As you may already know because you have seen it a thousand times, both in American film and television productions, everything that smells of Apple has always taken a lot, which as far as we know has never paid for what is known as produc placement, product placement in Spanish, and it is basically about putting brands of whatever on the screen.

The case of Apple, however, has generally been the opposite of the usual, and there have even been occasions in which the company has threatened producers for using its products, when it has considered that it could damage the image of the brand ( I wonder why he didn’t do it with the series Dexter, but there was the endearing serious killer, using Mac to plan his chops).

The most common thing when a product is not from Apple, is that it is generic, that it is linked to the production company, as it happens in Sony Pictures films, for example those of Spider-man, in which everyone uses Sony Xperia; or that generic devices that are difficult to locate are used. With Marvel and, especially with Hawkeye, it has not been like that… Let it know.

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