HBO is preparing an Aztec Batman that looks like something out of a What If…?

a new dark knight

This fever for launching new content has led HBO to have in Spain the version adapted to the series of the superb book by Fernando Aramburu, Homelandor that in Mexico now, as just announced Variety, can check how is that to enjoy your own version of Batman. One that collects visual elements from one of the greatest Mesoamerican cultures in history: the Aztec empire.

Aztec Batman Clash of Empires is the new assignment that HBO Latin America has received to launch, in the form of an animated film, a project that focuses its theme on a very specific time, such as the conquest of the New World by European empires, more specifically in this case , the Spanish presence in Mexico.

Aztec Bethman.

So much so that history tells us about a young Aztec, Yohualli Coatl, who sees how his father Toltecatzin, leader of the village where they live, is assassinated by the Spanish conquerors. The boy will escape to Tenochtitlán (capital of the Aztec Empire) to warn King Moctezuma himself and the high priest of the dangers. But it will be through the temple of Tzinacan, dedicated to the bat god, that Yohualli ends up developing his new personality with his own equipment and weapons with which he will be able to face the Spanish invasion, protect the temple of Moctezuma and, finally, avenge the death of his father.

Movie, not series

Batman has often been the protagonist of a multitude of adaptations depending on the country in which his adventures are recreated. To tell, the dark knight has even had ninja versions anime style as a result of its adaptation to the Japanese market, which demanded an origin more in tune with the viewers who had to enjoy the adventures of the bat man.

In this case, the revision of the Aztec Batman seeks to place the superhero in a much more hostile environment such as that of the periods of conquest that took place throughout the 16th century, when the Spanish conquerors clashed with many of the indigenous peoples of what is now the territory of Mexico. It’s like a superhero from another universe, like a What if…? but from DC.

Moreover, from the production company in charge of this film they advance that in order to maintain the greatest possible historical coherence, not only in the characters but in the representation of all the peoples that appear on the screen, they have required the services of Alejandro Díaz Barriga, a specialist consultant in Mesoamerican studies and ethnic history of Mexico that will be, according to HBO Latin America, the link with the creative team to “guarantee that the indigenous representation portrayed in the film is appropriate and relevant.”

for now It does not have a definitive release date. and presumably it will end up exclusively on the streaming platform.

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