HBO Max to release an update for Apple TV later this year

HBO Max at Apple

Since the HBO Max app for Apple TV + was released, problems have been constant. The worst thing is that there does not seem to be much will to solve these problems. That is something that I have never understood, as some companies let these things happen only for the fact that maybe there are not too many users who are taking advantage of the application, but hey, that’s another debate. The fact is that it seems that at the end of the year we will see an update of the application.

An executive of the company Warner Media, has announced that the Apple TV application for HBO Max will be updated with a new version at the end of 2021. That way two things are confirmed. The first is that indeed the application has never worked as it should have. And on the other, that the HBO application is used by users and must be corrected. Although this correction should have arrived already, undoubtedly.

From the very launch of HBO Max, the app always had a hard time working properly. Many of its users constantly complained of endless problems with the Apple TV app. It seems that Warner Media did listen to those users and now it has finally been announced that the app will have an update. Of course, we will still have to wait until the end of this year 2021.

All failures may be due to the service scrapped using the tvOS API in favor of its own software in June. As we said, the problems have been very varied, from occasional problems with Siri, to subtitle problems and even the inability to fast-forward or rewind programs. It is true that some of them have been corrected, but not completely and there are still many more problems.

A complete new rebuild of the HBO Max app is coming and will roll out to all existing smart TV and set-top box platforms. According to this executive: «We will replace every connected TV app in the next four to five months. “

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