He ate “free” at Six Flags for seven years thanks to his annual pass: with the savings he paid off debts and bought a house

With only $ 150 your annual pass cost At an amusement park, a man in America was able to save enough for seven years to pay off your student debts, get married, and buy a home.

Dylan started save since 2014, first to pay your loan for college, but seeing that his financial flexibility was paying off, he continued to go to the Six Flags amusement park to take advantage of eat twice a day for the promotion that includes your package, as well as access to the rides and a parking space.

“If you do it right, you can have lunch and dinner there every day,” Dylan was quoted as saying in the New York Post. The amusement park allows its customers to have the annual pass enjoy lunch and dinner including a snack and unlimited drinks at each visit to the park on any day of the year.

Upon learning of this promotion, Dylan took it taking advantage of the fact that the site was minutes away from where he was doing his internship in Valencia, California. After graduating and now working as an electrical engineer, Dylan says that on average he has eaten around two thousand meals spending on average for each of them some 50 cents on the dollar.

He saved money, but had to pay a high price for his health

The thrifty man recalled that in his first year with his annual pass, never went to the supermarket for food And during each break from work, he would go to the park for breakfast and when he left his workday he would return for dinner.

It was crazy, I was saving money, paying off student loans”Stated Dylan; However, even though his pockets were fattening, his body did too.

Dylan said that the menu for that package was not varied at first and focused on hamburgers, fries, breadsticks, pizza, or “a pathetic sandwich” with refillable soda. “It was not healthy at all, it was hard,” he said.

To try to reverse this situation, Dylan made long trips to walk 5,000 steps that was only from the long parking lot of the amusement park to the food court.

But in recent years, the menu began to include healthier options. For six years, Dylan knew his wife and with the savings on meals he married her and had the opportunity to buy a house near his “food center” that he still goes to and will continue as long as they keep changing the menu.

With information from the New York Post.


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