He buys 300 iPhones at an Apple store, only to have them stolen minutes later

An unnamed 27-year-old man who bought 300 iPhones at Apple’s famed Fifth Avenue store in New York on Monday morning was robbed shortly after leaving the store.

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Credit: William Zimmer / Phonandroid

Buying hundreds of iPhones and walking around the street with them isn’t really the best idea in the world. A man who had just bought 300 iPhones was robbed and assaulted near the Apple Store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, thereby losing $95,000 worth of goods.

The man allegedly entered the 24-hour Apple Store around 1:45 a.m. and left with three bags each containing around 100 iPhones. Without surprise, the man was spotted by thieves and then robbed shortly after leaving the store. While bringing the bags to his car parked nearby, another car reportedly stopped. Two menacing men would then stolen one of the bags containing 125 precious smartphones. Fortunately, the victim managed to protect the other two bags.

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The man was planning to sell all the iPhones

If you’re wondering why the victim had so many iPhones, it’s becausehe had bought them to resell them through his small business. As a reseller, the latter indicated that he regularly makes large purchases from Apple. By buying his devices at such an early hour, the man may have hoped to avoid prying eyes, but is eventually become an easier target to steal.

Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured and refused medical attention. At this time, police have not released a description of the suspects or the vehicle, but the investigation is still ongoing. It’s also unclear if the thieves had already spotted the victim’s shopping habits.or if it was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For those who still haven’t ordered the latest iPhone models, it looks like it won’t be possible to receive the iPhone 14 Pro before Christmas. With production halted, delivery times are expected to lengthen over the next few weeks. Faced with the success of this generation, an Apple Store is already preparing for a massive influx for the release of the next model, the iPhone 15.

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