He killed his wife with poisoned cereal but pretended it was an overdose: they gave him life in prison

In 2014, Christina Ann Thompson died because of a suspected heroin overdoseHowever, justice came to him seven years later after it was confirmed that his death was not accidental but rather her own husband poisoned her at dinner.

This Wednesday, November 16, a jury found Jason Thomas Harris guilty of first degree first degree manslaughter and other charges like supply a controlled substance. According to local media, the investigators of the case were able to confirm that the man put a lethal dose of heroin in cereal of the woman.

For the death of his wife, Jason received a life insurance for more than 120 thousand dollars; after her, the man who was then 40 years old moved into his family home and his loved ones reported that constantly he texted with other women, notes the NY Post.

How was the murderer discovered?

When the events occurred, the September 29, 2014 in Michigan, it was determined that Christina Ann had died due to a accidental heroin overdoseHowever, the case drew national attention after sher family pressured by insisting that she did not use drugs because I was nursing.

It was then that investigators inspected the couple’s home and found the breast milk that the victim had frozen to give to your baby later. In an unprecedented event, the authorities decided to use this milk as evidence in this criminal case.

Upon analysis, it was found that there were no traces of heroin in breast milk, so it was impossible for the woman to have consumed said controlled substance. Genesee County Attorney David Leyton said Wednesday that it was thought that Mr. Harris had something to do with Christina’s death, as his family members said that at some point they heard him say that he wanted to get rid of her.

The man told authorities that on the day of his death, he gave his wife cereal and that she had trouble reaching for the spoon, then went to sleep and he got up early to work. He explained that he tried to communicate with her and when he did not find an answer, he asked a neighbor to look for her, it was then that the subject found her dead in bed.

In August 2019 a coroner changed the cause of death from accidental overdose to homicide and began investigating Jason Thomas Harris, who is now in custody and will face a perpetual chain, which will be dictated on December 10.


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